An Introduction to the World of Free Internet Flash Games

Free internet flash games are wonderful diversions that are available on many different free gaming sites. They can usually be reached with a standard internet browser, a decent desktop or laptop, and a reasonably fast internet connection (broadband is recommended and often required). Depending on the game's author and the site hosting the free flash games, they might be extremely simple and even childish or highly engaging and complex. Some don't merit a second look, whereas some free internet flash games are absolute works of art. Playing free internet flash games can be a great way to quickly reduce stress, kill some time and recharge your batteries. They shouldn't cost anything at all to play upfront, although there are some popular free game sites that also host premium games you have to pay upfront one-time lump sums in order to download. Although playing free internet flash games can be great fun and a wonderful way to unwind briefly before jumping back into work, there are a couple of potential pitfalls you need to be aware of in order to ensure that your experience playing free games online remains a positive one.

Potential Pitfalls You Can Encounter While Playing Free Internet Flash Games

The way that most legitimate and friendly free internet flash games websites generate revenue for themselves is by allowing advertisers to place their ads on the site in exchange for paying advertising fees. This is all well and good and, most of the time, even a sign of a healthy and legitimate free internet flash games website. However, safe web browsing practices are doubly important when you're attempting to cruise the internet to unknown or new sites in search of some free entertainment. You should never even load up a browser on your computer (or ESPECIALLY not on a work computer) unless you have effective, active, currently subscribed and properly installed anti-virus software in place. This is simply one of the facts of life when it comes to using the internet and visiting new sites - you can never truly be sure of the site's intentions, structures or even the intentions of its other users.

The other thing to be aware of when it comes to playing free internet flash games is that these applications have come a long way in the past few years. Whereas a halfway decent laptop or old desktop is most likely sufficient to run the simpler end of the flash game spectrum, some flash games are now so advanced that they require some processing power and RAM on the part of the computer you're using to play them. You can expect to suffer some choppiness, lag, slowdown or unexpected system hanging once you get a bunch of action going on the screen at once. The more images, items, monsters, etc that the game tries to render at any given time, the more likely you are to experience tremendous slowdown which can put a damper on the overall enjoyability of the game. If you're having trouble playing a given game smoothly, either content yourself with switching to a simpler and less flashy free internet flash game, or try a beefier gaming rig.

Saving Your Game Means Saving Your Temporary Internet Folder

As free internet flash games became more and more complex and involved, it began to take longer and longer to complete a single game in its entirety. Long levels, expansive campaigns and detailed character progressions all lead to a massive amount of variables that the free flash game designers had to somehow account for. The answer to this most commonly lies in having the flash game store some game save files in your temporary internet files folder. These files will store crucial information about your game, characters, inventory, overall progress, etc, so that when you come back in a few hours or a few days your free flash game experience can be picked up from where you left off.

This is great and convenient until you accidentally wipe all your temporary internet files during a routine cleaning only to find you've also wiped all your progress, characters and kingdoms in so doing. If you want to save your games for good, consider bringing in a thumb or flash drive that you can store your own personal temporary internet files on in order to ensure that not even people using the computer after you can unwittingly return you to level 1 in a couple of well-meaning clicks.