Habbo Hotel is a fun online pixel game that you can play with your friends. You can meet other players from all over the globe and even add them as friends.

When you enter Habbo Hotel, you should be in your very own room that the game has created for you. If not, you can click on the ‘Rooms’ icon at the top left hand area and then click on your room.

Your Character

When you enter your room, click on the button ‘Me’ and you should see ‘Settings’, ‘My Profile’, ‘Minimail’, ‘My Rooms’, ‘Achievements’, ‘Talents’ and ‘Helper Tool’.

If you want to mail a friend that is on your friend list in Habbo, you can click on ‘Minimail’.

If you want to see the rooms you own, you can click on ‘My Rooms’.

If you want to see the achievements that you can receive or you concurrently have, you can click on ‘Achievements’.

‘Talents’ and ‘Helper Tool’ is for you to see what you need to do in order to be a helper in Habbo and tour newcomers around the hotel or help Habbos that have reported a certain problem.

In order to dress up your character, click on ‘My Profile’ and then click on ‘Change Looks’.

Dressing up your Habbo character

You can dress up your character in the different clothes that the game provides. You can choose whichever color you like as long as the color is provided.

HC Clothing is only for Habbo Club members which means you need to purchase Habbo Club using Credits in order to get more clothing and colour choices.

All About Habbo Hotel

Your Room

You can create or delete your rooms in Habbo. There are various room layouts that you can choose to decorate and let your Habbo live in. When you choose the room layout that you desire, click on it and then name your room. Make sure the room name is an appropriate name, or it will not be accepted. Not naming the room is also not allowed as it is compulsory to name your room. After you have named the room and chose the room layout you want, click on ‘Create Room’ and now you have an empty room where you can decorate!

My Stuff

There should be a button that has the icon resembling a cardboard box with the text ‘My Stuff’ underneath it. Click on it and you will access your inventory. There are five sections of your inventory:

  1. Furniture
  2. Rentables
  3. Pets
  4. Achieved badges
  5. Bots

‘Furniture’ is where your permanently bought furniture is located.

‘Rentables’ is where your rented furniture is located.

‘Pets’ is where the pets that you buy from the shop are located.

‘Achieved badges’ is where you can find badges that your user can wear when you gain the achievements in the game.

‘Bots’ is where the robots that you buy from the shop are located.

Habbo Hotel Currencies

There are currently two types of Habbo currency that you can use in the game; duckets and credits.


You can earn duckets by logging into Habbo daily. You can also earn them by completing achievements in the Citizenship track. Duckets are free virtual currency that every user can receive. There is, however, a limit to the amount of duckets you can get. The maximum amount of duckets you can get is 650.

Duckets can be used to rent furniture from certain categories in the Shop. You can rent furniture for up to a week before it is removed from your inventory. You can extend your rent for the furniture by paying additional duckets. Sadly, you cannot use duckets to purchase any furniture.

The furniture that you have rented will have an exclamation mark when it is reaching the deadline if placed in your inventory to notify you to extend the deadline.


Unlike duckets, credits can only be gained by purchasing using real cash or trading with another user in Habbo that have credits with them. You can use credits to buy furniture and they will permanently be in your inventory. You can trade the furniture with other Habbo users, or put them on sale in the marketplace.


There should be a button that resembles a shopping cart with the text ‘Shop’ underneath it. Click on it and it will lead you to the Habbo shop. There are various categories of furniture that you can either rent or buy permanently. If you want to spend your duckets to rent furniture, click on ‘Duckets Shop’ and you will be able to browse through colorful furniture to rent.

There are pet shops where you can purchase pets using credits. You can also breed those pets by clicking on ‘Baby Pets’ and buying the necessary items to breed your pets. There are various types of pets to choose, such as crocodiles, cats, dogs and many others. You can scratch your pets, and so can the other users if you allow them to. You have to remember to provide your pets with food and water, though!

You can also buy plants. These plants need to be fed, or else they would die and you will have to spend credits in order to revive them. They are similar to pets, except that they cannot walk around. When you purchase the plants, they start off as seeds. There are different levels of seeds and the higher the level, the rarer it is. The maximum level would be level 10. It takes a while for them to grow into a full plant, but when they do they look a bit like aliens.

You can also purchase robots by clicking on the ‘Bots’ category in the shop. You can choose two different robots: one to serve you drinks and the other to dress up with the clothes that the game gives you.

It is recommended for you to trade credits for furniture with other players for the price of the furniture sold in the shops are more expensive than trading with other users.