All About Kona Resorts - Paradise Getaways on the Big Island of Hawaii

The big island of Hawaii has a lot to recommend it to potential visitors. From live volcanic floes to rainforest covered mountains and all the clear blue water and amazing sea life you can imagine in between, the biggest island of the Hawaiian chain is home to some spectacular views. Beautiful Kona resorts have been positioned to provide visitors to paradise with luxury, comfort and a place to call their home away from home. Kona resorts are positioned up and down the entire island, from the northern towns to the outskirts of the major cities, Kailua-Kona and Hilo. When choosing from among the many Kona resorts available for visitors to Hawaii, it can sometimes be difficult to sort out the various amenities, locations and advantages of one particular Kona resort over another. When travelers finally do choose their favorite from among the many Kona resorts, they do so based off a complex decision making process that weighs their desired location during their time on big island, their price range and their stylistic preferences.

Why Are Kona Resorts so Popular?

Kona resorts make paradise feel even more homey to visitors that have just arrived in Hawaii after a long flight. While you could always stay in a hotel or motel if you're only looking for a roof over your head and some basic amenities, there are a couple of great advantages that only Kona resorts can offer you. For one thing, Kona resorts have extended facilities and offerings that you won't find in regular hotels or motels on the Big Island of Hawaii. Whereas you probably won't find a pool in your budget hotels and motels up and down Alii drive, you can expect not only a pool but also a full fledged fitness center to come along with the price of your room when you stay at Kona resorts. The other great thing about these expanded facilities is that they can include some light to moderate shopping and other special treats like on-site massages and golf courses. In fact, many of the most popular Kona resorts offer world class golf courses that guests are welcome to play on. Many kona resorts also have massages, spas and small grocery stores so that you don't have to make a huge trek up or down the highway to hit one of the usual supermarkets.

Kona resorts offer another special thing you can't quite find in town - total peace and quiet. Compared to the center of downtown Kailua-Kona, you will find that, if you stay at Kona resorts, your nights will be a lot more peaceful and you won't hear nearly as much ambient traffic or noise pollution. So long as your immediate neighbors aren't partying hard all night, you'll find that Kona resorts offer much more peaceful environs for unwinding in after you've spent a long day adventuring out in the sun and surf. Kona resorts offer travel packages and deals which can be a great way to budget for your upcoming trip to the Big Island of Hawaii. Inquiring with the front desk before you book your stay can be a good idea, because often times the specials and deals will change throughout the year as the travel seasons ebb and flow. You might have good luck getting the scoop on Kona resorts specials by calling them up directly and asking about the best rates they can offer you. Most of the time, the resorts will want to keep you on the line and interested in choosing them!