Deemed Safe and Effective

Most women want long and lush lashes, while some women have beautiful lashes naturally, others do not, but there is hope for the lash deficient. Latisse, a product that lengthens, darkens and plumps lashes, has advertisements on television and in magazines lauding the benefits of their product. Skeptics may not believe their claims, no matter how many before and after photos they see, but the product has received approval and is deemed effective and safe for use by the U.S. Food and Drug Admin (FDA). 

How It Works

The liquid is applied nightly, for around 16 weeks, to the upper eyelash base. Before applying the solution, make sure you remove any makeup and clean the upper eyelids. You should also remove your contacts. Over a course of several months you will see a gradual change in your lashes. The lashes will be longer, for some this happens within the first month and fuller after around four months. The one downside is that you must continue with the application because if you discontinue use your lashes will return to their previous state, though it may take several months.

By Prescription Only

The only way you can get Latisse is with a prescription and there are some possible side effects. An itching sensation and redness of the eyes is common, while dry eyes, skin darkening, red eyelids and eye irritation are less common and they usually occur near the application point. While most patients will have little or no problems, if you should suffer from the less common issues, stop using the product and contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Latisse User Review

Possible Allergy to Latisse?

If you have allergies you should check the list of ingredients on the product before using. People with an allergy to Bimatoprost, a commonly used eye drop which helps reduce the pressure in the eyes of patients, should not use Latisse unless they are doing so under the supervision of their physician. If you are currently receiving treatment for glaucoma, you should talk to your ophthalmologist before you try the product. Anyone who has an eye disease or disorder should consult a doctor first. It is always a good idea talk to a doctor before using a product, no matter what you are thinking about using.


In December 2008, the FDA approved the use of Latisse, no other product of this type has been approved, to improve the condition of eyelashes. Since that time, Latisse has sold over 2.5 million kits. The kits, which cost around $120, have 60 applicators and one bottle of the lash enhancing liquid. Doctors, in some states, will sell the product directly to you; sometimes they even offer discounts and promotions. If you wish to have longer, fuller, darker lashes this is the way to go.