If you are looking for a way to instantly change the look of any room in your house, consider buying a natural area rug. Natural area rugs are perfect if you want to establish a seating area, dress up a kitchen or bathroom, or spruce up a home office. They come in many shapes, sizes, and textures for all tastes and styles.

Long gone are the days when traditional Oriental or Persian rugs were the main choices. While they are still beautiful and fit well in certain rooms, you are no longer limited to these more formal styles. These days you can stay with the traditional patterns and styles or go for more modern and contemporary designs. The texture, pattern, and color choices are endless.

There are many different kinds of area rugs that have different purposes. For example, you may want to consider a rug runner for your home's foyer. A rug runner is longer than it is wide and can also be used for hallways in addition to foyers. A smaller rectangular-shaped rug is perfect to put in front of your kitchen sink or bathroom sink. A larger rug can be used in any room to establish a space, such as a seating area in the living room or den, or under a bed to balance the bedroom. A round or oval-shaped shag rug is perfect for a child's bedroom, plus shag rugs are so soft and comfortable for little feet to walk on.

Many people only consider adding area rugs on floors that are made of material such as wood, tile, or some other smooth surface like laminate. But why not use area rugs in carpeted rooms as well? Usually carpeting is a solid color and can sometimes be bland, so a natural area rug can really add a dramatic effect or even just a touch of color or pattern. Or go in the opposite direction; if you have carpeting that has a bold pattern or texture on it, consider a solid colored area rug to help tone it down a bit. However, if you do decide to place an area rug on a tile or wood floor, consider also buying a rug pad to place underneath the rug. This will help make the rug a little more plush and comfortable to stand on, especially if the rug is in a work area such as a kitchen.

So what exactly is a natural area rug? This refers to the material that the rug is made of, such as natural fibers (as opposed to synthetic). Natural rugs are usually eco-friendly and environmentally friendly. They can be made from bamboo, hemp, or seagrass, to name a few types of fibers. They can also be made from recycled materials, which also contribute to a more minimal environmental impact. Natural area rugs are a smarter choice than synthetic rugs that are usually made of petroleum by-products. It is a good feeling knowing that you can still be fashionable and earth-friendly at the same time!

When you consider that natural area rugs are high quality, you may also be thinking that they are expensive. This is not true. In fact, a good Internet search can lead you to some reputable merchants who sell these rugs at reasonable prices. Consider these merchants when searching for rugs:

  • Overstock.com
  • Amazon
  • Ikea
  • NaturalAreaRugs.com

Some really great deals can be found at these stores, often with cheap shipping options as well. All the stores listed above have a wide selection of both indoor and outdoor rugs. Do your homework and you can get the perfect area rug at a cheap price!