Why cloth diaper?

Cloth diapering is an awesome alternative to disposable diapering. First, cloth diapers are super eco-friendly. Did you know that one disposable diaper can take hundreds of years to decompose? It does, and it can be terrible for the environment. Cloth diapering eliminates disposable diaper waste.

In addition, cloth diapers are free of harsh chemicals. Most disposable diapers have extremely harsh chemicals. Some of these chemicals can make babies break out with a rash.

Another benefit to cloth diapering is it saves you money. Let's face it, disposable diapers are not free, and they cannot be reused. Cloth diapers may cost you money initially, but they are reusable.

Cloth diapering used to be complicated though. There were very few options for parents. Things have changed drastically. There are so many options available to cloth diapering parents. One of my favorites due to its ease of use are the one size pocket diapers.

 The One Size Pocket Diaper

The one size pocket diaper has two pieces to it. One is the outer piece. It is water proof. The second piece goes inside the outer piece, and it is super absorbent. The one size pocket diaper is also adjustable in regards to size. You can use it on your newborn, and you can use it on that same child at 2 or older.


Because it adjusts to your child's size, you do not have to buy various sizes. Having to buy all different sizes costs you more money.

It dries quickly because the insert is not attached to the outer piece.

It is easy to use. Most diapers use snaps or adjustable bands to adjust the size. Most diapers also use snap or velcro closures. No pins!

These do not need an extra waterproof cover.

There is so much variety. There are different brands that offer so many designs.


Diapers cost about $15-20 per diaper. If one wants to wash diapers every other day they would want about 20 plus diapers. This means an initial start-up cost of about $300-400.

You many not like having to deal with two pieces.

Even though these are one size diapers, they do not always fit the best. They can be bulky.