How to Pick a Spray Hose Nozzle

A garden hose by itself is useful for normal watering needs, but when you need more spray options, it is a good idea to invest in a specialty hose nozzle. And of the many types of hose nozzles available, one of the most versatile is the pistol grip spray nozzle for garden hoses. This is the most versatile spray hose type, and it will really help you out with your gardening needs and demands, as long as you purchase a pistol hose spray nozzle that succeeds in three areas. These areas are great spray patterns that work well, great water pressure, and great usability. So it would be a good idea to take a look at those requirements individually before deciding when and where to buy a new pistol grip spray hose nozzle.

Hose Nozzle Spray Patterns


Most pistol grip spray hose nozzles offer a variety of different spray patterns, and those spray patterns are useful for different watering needs. For example, a spray hose nozzle that has a “gentle shower” pattern works really nicely as a spray pattern for reaching the back of a deep garden as well as the front. Other common patterns are “jet,” “soak,” and “mist.” Something to consider when shopping for a plastic pistol grip spray hose nozzle is to pick one where the pattern selector is easy to maneuver and not too cumbersome. Most plastic pistol grip spray hose nozzles also feature a lock setting, so you do not have to hold down the trigger to get a continuous spray pattern. On the other hand, if your spray hose nozzle does not stop all water flow when you release the trigger, it can be a real pain to go back to the faucet and turn the water on or off whenever you want to change pressure or stop watering entirely.

Spray Hose Nozzle Water Pressure

Different Spray Patterns, Different Strengths

Look for a pistol grip spray nozzle that is comfortable to use and has a wide selection of different spray types. For example, a garden hose spray nozzle that has a good “mist” setting is perfect for watering tiny roots and seedlings. Other various nozzle options can be used in useful ways for your lawn or garden. Premium garden hose nozzles with settings for “soak” should create a soft, aerated spray that works best for watering plants in pots without moving the dirt around too much. And a “jet” setting is much more extreme: a strong blast that is perfect for cleaning and clearing a patio.

Something that may spell doom for getting continued excellent water pressure from your nozzle is plastic parts inside the hose nozzle breaking. If this happens, increased leakage leads to diminished water flow. You may also be unable to completely turn off your nozzle. But as long as you are careful not to drop the nozzle, and protect it from the sun, you should get a lot of use out of your pistol hose nozzle. And speaking of a lot of use, usability is the next important element of choosing a good spray hose nozzle...

Spray Hose Nozzle Usability

Frequent Use May Lead to Wear and Tear

Pistol Spray Hose Nozzle

If you are using a pistol spray nozzle frequently, wear and tear will start to affect it. Frequent use of certain spray nozzles, particularly those with metal parts, can lead to those parts seizing and breaking when exposed to extreme elements. Many users of plastic pistol grip spray hose nozzles may not realize this danger at first, because even though the nozzle is plastic, it feels quite substantial and sturdy when held. But do not expect a plastic pistol grip spray hose nozzle to last more than a few seasons unless you take proper care of it and store it away from the elements.

Of course, like we said earlier, pattern spray selectors should be easy to control, and the same goes for the pistol grip trigger on your spray hose nozzle. Because these are moving parts, there is also the potential danger that these could break through repeated use and abuse, so take care of your spray hose nozzle if you want it to last. Even better, purchase a pistol spray nozzle with brass components, as well as a strong and sturdy feel that is rated for both extreme hot and cold water and weather temperatures. Something to avoid, though, is any spray nozzle that contains lead, as this could endanger your health through repeated exposure to lead particles when gardening.

It is also important to remember that even similar pistol hose spray nozzles from different companies can perform radically differently, even if they look the same and have the same features. Compare several different models of spray hose nozzles to find the one that is right for you.