Wow, who used the bathroom last?

Prevent that walk of shame with Poo Pourri!

Have you ever had to lay down the bricks in a public setting before? Had to do the #2? Push the brown? Say, at the mall, at the movie theater, or worse yet - at a friend's house? 

No matter who you are, we've all done it, and the putrid odor that accompanies our little heavenly gifts is nothing short of mortifying. We'd try everything to cover up the smell - frantically spritz our perfume and cologne the full 360 degrees, look around the cabinets praying that the houseowner had Febreze. Or, in the most desperate of cases, we'd wait until the coast is clear and run out of the bathroom so no one knows "whodunit".

Of course we can't always get away with it, so sometimes we're forced to scurry out of the restroom and hope that we don't meet again the victim that decided to take our stall.

But now, there's no need to "hold it in" any further!

Let loose with the insurance of Poo Pourri.

Poo Pourri

There's now an exciting product called Poo Pourri, which essentially masks the scent of your toilet bowl droppings with a film of flowery-smelling oils. The odor gots locked in the toilet bowl, and the people around you are greeted with a scent of roses!

Poo Pourri's Official Youtube Video

How does Poo Pourri work?

If you want to start using this amazing product, all you have to do is follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Shake the bottle so that the oils and fragrants can mix evenly
  2. Spritz the surface of the toilet water 3 times BEFORE using, not after.
  3. Let your bowels do what they were meant to do.

As your logs plop into the toilet bowl, the oils from Poo Pourri will keep the smells from coming out. The surface of the water will be covered in a thin, oily film that is proven to keep the stench from rising into the air.

And if your logs float, have no fear! As they rise from the depths of the toilet, they'll be covered in the oil and the odors will be completely sealed from the outside world. 

Then you can flush and exit the bathroom without having to worry about knocking anyone out. 

Poo Pourri Is Great For:

  • Wives who have husbands
  • Dudes who love Mexican Food
  • Heavy Ploppers
  • Light Ploppers

And more!

Does this work for Gaseous Substances?

Err...unfortunately, no. This only works for what's beneath the toilet water, not above. If you're experiencing a bad case of gas then I recommend carrying a can of Febreze Air Effects in your bag.

Just please don't start spraying Poo Pourri in the air. Remember: the product is OIL, so you don't want to start slipping and landing face-first on the bathroom floor. Yuck!

Where can you buy Poo Pourri?

The best place is from

Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray 8-Ounce Bottle, Original - OLD BOTTLE STYLE
Amazon Price: $24.99 $23.04 Buy Now
(price as of May 2, 2016)
If you're a first-time user, then I highly recommend that you get the X-Large size bottle. It has about 400 uses (or 1200 sprays, 3 sprays per potty session) and is great for the whole family.

So Let Loose, Friends!

You don't need to be holding it in until you get home. There's a product out there that can turn your embarrassing bathroom session into your own personal Perfume party. Let loose!