Unlike other promotional items, printed mugs are pretty effective and long-lasting. Actually, if your budget is relatively limited and you want to hold a promotional campaign, these mugs should be at the top of your supply list.

Mugs are useful items that we utilize in our daily life. But, when it comes to custom mugs, things will not be the same. If you plan to promote your business using these items, you will have to take care of several factors, such as the design of the patterns, the audience you will target and the marketing strategy that will follow.

Independently of the material they are made of, mugs are generally used to hold any type of beverage, even if some of them are better suited for hot ones. So, make sure to take this into consideration before ordering your custom-made mugs.

Printed mugs are some of the most powerful advertising tools that one can find today. What makes the distinction of these items is that they have a very generous print area, where you can add your company logo, info contact and call-to-action messages using almost any color of your choice.

When you decide to get some mugs for your company, you will be surprised by the wide variety of choices available, including different styles, colors and materials. Here are some of them:

1) Acrylic Mugs - These are generally made of plastic materials. Even if they could seem not so ecological, these cups are really cheap, and some of them are manufactured from recycled polymers, which reduces their environmental harm.

2) Ceramic Mugs – Being a very flexible manufacturing-material, ceramic allows you to make different styles of mugs, so you'll have a large variety to choose from. One-color-printed mugs are the cheapest ones as they do not include costly printing fees, but if you want to make full colors patterns, that will be possible. You will only have to pay more.

3) China Mugs – Made of high-quality bone china, these mugs are not available in big quantities. These are luxury items that you should keep only for your high-end clients.

4) Travel Mugs - Also known as insulated mugs, they are so robust and durable, which makes them the useful items for travelers and people on the move.

These are only some of the printed mugs styles available. Now you can make your choice and start handing out your lovely mugs here and there. That will help you promote your business and increase your sales.