Getting clear information on a good kidney diet can be difficult as some people are referring to any type of eating plan that is good for the kidneys in general and there is very little controversy with looking up the fruits, veggies, and other foods that are good for your system and then there is the promising but unproven diet plan by Rachael Gordon, whose biography declares her a registered nurse who released the kidney diet after doing extensive studies on how food and dietary habits could replace drug treatments in some patients.

There are many books out there designed towards individuals to help them use smart diet choices to help avoid dialysis down the line, or to get off of it in some cases by making smart and healthy decisions when it comes to food, drink, and lifestyle. There are several of these books down below from Amazon, and for people looking for Rachael Gordon's plan as opposed to a more general eating plan for the kidneys, you can look here to find Rachael Gordon's kidney diet.  As always, do your research and seek medical advice before making any radical diet changes as some diets are hard to clearly substantiate with lab tests, especially if they're new.  That being said, there are many foods well known to be good for the kidnes just as there are foods known for being bad for the kidneys, as well.

Healthy Foods for the Kidneys

Studies over the past couple decades have shown some strong links between eating certain foods and maintaining healthy organs such as the kidneys.  Some of the most important foods to eat are those that are high in antioxidants.  Any diet that is designed to help prevent, stabilize, or slow down the effects of damaged kidneys is referred to as a renal diet.  It should come as no surprise that many foods which are considered among the most healthy in general are the same ones which make up this list.   That's no conencidence and it's important to recognize that while this can provide your body with the vitamins and nutrients needed to be healthy, this is no guarantee that they will be enough to help out anyone with failing body organs or general health difficulties.

In no particular order, a list of excellent healthy foods that are good for maintaining healthy kidneys include:

  • Bell peppers (especially red but other colors still have benefits)
  • Cauliflower
  • Cabbage
  • Garlic (which is also known as being great for the heart)
  • Apples
  • Cranberries
  • Onions
  • Blueberries
  • Cherries
  • Raspberries
  • Strawberries
  • Egg whites
  • Fish
  • Blackberries

Kidney Diet Considerations

A good kidney diet not only looks at some of the best foods to promote kidney health, as well as antioxidants in the body and overall food health via diet, but also at what people should avoid in order to keep their kidneys functioning at full capacity.  One of the major issues is salt.  Too much salt or sodium is absolutely a killer on the kidneys.  Another major issue is water.  Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water a day is not only good for hydration and metabolism, but also for clearing out excess antioxidants or other crap in the system like free radicals and helping the body stay completely healthy.  This is especially true of the kidneys.  They are strong organs, but they can also be remarkably sensitive, as well.  On the other hand, going out of your way to promote strong kidney health is a sure fire way to help improve your diet and keep excess weight off.  Who ever heard of someone gaining fat on a diet of apples, blueberries, and bell peppers?

Conclusion to The Kidney Diet

A high quality renal kidney diet is an excellent way for patients or individuals to deal with any potential issues with their kidneys and maintain good health, or even in stopping a downward trend when the kidneys start to go.  This is an informational article, so as always when dealing with diet plans or eating plans, it is very important to make sure that you do your research and proceed with the best advice necessary - and outright medical advice if you're already dealing with kidney problems.  A good doctor will require some changes to your diet to help deal with the situation, and following their advice and eating a diet with antioxidant rich foods while cutting out junk and salt is a good idea for dealing with kidney issues.

There might be some argument over whether or not this diet is all it claims to be, but at the end of the day if you are enjoying a diet that is high in fruits and vegetables and is good for your internal health then you're going to be doing well.  Following good nutritional advice, regardless of the name given to the diet, is always a good step in the right direction.