Being on top of the rank on search engines or in every social bookmarking you need to know about tagging and pinging as these two are the most effective tool to gain prominence on sites.

With the advent of tagging widgets, search engine friendly entry has become effortless. Tagging is simply breaking down the article into keywords that are relevant to the main idea and are general in scope. This process will make your article to fit into various indexes and categories making it more visible.

What is Tagging?

Tagging is simply breaking down your entries into keywords that are relevant and general in scope to make your entry fit into several indexes and categories with few simple steps. The more index and categories your article belongs to the more it will be exposed. This is an effective way to develop search engine friendly entry to raise your entry to the top of the list.

The best way to start is with your heading and title. The title alone serves as the main source of indexing by search engines and you can make it more prominent by adding relevant tags.

As a general rule, make sure you use appropriate tags and meta-tags in your description and headings. For Yahoo and MSN alone, both base their indexes in these areas to anything that you publish. Make sure that these are relevant and free of spam.

For Digg and Technorati, they break out each article with the use of tag clouds and assigned it to different categories. Shall we say your article has words 'internet' or 'computer' in it, automatically the system will create clouds on these two words assigning that entry into both categories so when somebody click on one of this clouds will then be provided with a lot of listings of articles with those tags placing your article as the first item on the list.

A lot of websites are using tagging as the system to index content. Most helpful with blogging sites and large resources where their context is important. Tagging helps to create context and relevance within different categories, and once a user has reached the social bookmarking platform; it makes it much easier to find your entry.

Ways To Do It

Use only keywords that apply to your entry, One should take note that using of extra words to your entry which are non-relevant and was made to gain more exposure then you could be boot out from the network.

You need to breakdown your main idea into topics then narrow it down to specific keywords. Titles in your article are a good way to start, and you do not need to include words such as 'the', 'it', or 'a'.  If you do, the tagging system will usually just take them out.  Be sure to pick keywords that classify your submission the best; It's important to limit them to only those relevant.

What is Pinging?

To help identify IP addresses and verify its validity is the main function of pinging. It identifies the web address, verify it then can be networked and updated in search engines and indexes.

Pinging is responsible for updating various search engines and indexes that a blog has been made. Gone were the days when search engines manually enter sites to submit a ping. Most publishing areas online are making this automatically as well as with the use of Bookmarking Demon.