DVS Parliament Shoes

If you're looking for a pair of sleek, stylish, and comfortable skateboarding sneakers, then the DVS Parliament shoes might just be a pair worth looking at. The DVS Parliament shoes are just one of dozens of models from this famous skateboarding footwear manufacturer, and they are some of the most popular and highest selling of them all as well.

Perhaps you have heard of the DVS Parliament shoes, or maybe you have a friend that has a pair. There are so many different styles and color combinations that you might even be able to find a unique pair for yourself to wear. In this article we will be discussing all there is to know about the DVS Parliament shoes, including the different styles, colors, and special features to look for.

Colors and Styles of DVS Parliament Shoes

Just like most other skateboarding sneakers you see on sale, the DVS Parliament shoes come with a pretty good selection of colors and styles to choose from. With all of these differences, both subtle and obvious, it makes these models a lot more popular. A lot of times you'll see an awesome pair of skateboarding sneakers, but they may not have too many different color combinations and styles, and then you find out that so many other people are wearing them and you lose the desire to want them for yourself.

The DVS Parliament shoes come in enough styles and colors for you to be able to find a pair that appeals to you, without having to worry too much about seeing another person wearing the same exact ones as you. Most stores you look at won't always have the entire selection, so I have compiled a list of all of the different styles and colors that are out there, that way you can narrow your search a bit if you choose to buy a pair.


  • Originals
  • HO2
  • Nubuck
  • Dip
  • BTS (Back to School)
  • SP


  • Black/White
  • White/Black
  • Black/Black
  • White/Leather
  • Black/Bandana Nubuck
  • Brown/Camo Nubuck
  • Navy/White Nubuck
  • White/Black Dip
  • White/Brown Dip
  • White/Brown SP
  • Black Leather SP

Special Features of DVS Parliament Shoes

Every pair of skateboarding sneakers definitely needs to have a decent list of special features if they are expected to be sold in high numbers. The DVS Parliament shoes may be attractive and stylish, but without any of these special features, they wouldn't be nearly as good. Not many skateboarders would be interested in a pair of sneakers that don't hold up for long or don't have any kind of benefits. Luckily, these models come with a pretty good list of special features.

Each pair comes with a lace-up front with elastic tongue straps for both comfort and style. Other comfort features include things like a padded collar for that extra cushion fit, and an open cell breathable mesh tongue that isn't so rough on your foot and allows for a little more breathing ability. The DVS Parliament shoes also have perforations on the side panels that reduce heat absorption and let your feet breath better, eliminating most cases of sweaty feet syndrome that many skateboarders experience.

Probably the best comfort feature is the company's own patented removable Soft PontexTM foam insole, along with the padded fabric lining that make the DVS Parliament shoes that much more soft and comfortable.

For durability, they come with leather overlay detailing to make sure you don't tear them up as fast. They also have a lightweight EVA midsole for better foot control, and a textured rubber outsole for better grip.

One can see now what makes the DVS Parliament shoes such a great pair of skateboarding sneakers. Will this company still continue to make them like they have for their other models like the Revival, Militia, and Contra? Only time can tell. As long as they keep selling at the rate that they are, we can probably expect to see DVS Parliament shoes on the shelves for years to come.