DVS Revival Shoes

If you're a fan of skateboarding, then surely by now you have seen, worn, or at least heard of the DVS Revival shoes. Skateboarders of all kinds love the DVS Revival shoes, whether they skate vert, street, freestyle, or even those who don't even know how to skateboard but just want some comfortable and stylish sneakers.

For years, the DVS Revival shoes have been some of the highest selling and most popular of all of this brand's many different models that they have to choose from. They are world famous for their unique and attractive styles, as well as their amazing comfort, durability, and technicality features. Let's take a look at the DVS Revival shoes and see what sets them apart from other models like the Parliament, Militia, Contra, and Volari.

Colors and Styles of DVS Revival Shoes

These skateboarding sneakers come in some of the most vibrant and appealing color combinations you'll see. The DVS Revival shoes are all unique in their own ways, whether they're for men, women, or kids. The popular style called the Splat features the logo on the backside of the outside quarter panel that appears to be splattered on with paint. The Splat series is one of the biggest reasons that the DVS Revival shoes have become so popular. Their unique style is extremely trendy and is attracted by many different personalities and tastes.

You've likely seen plenty of stores that sell these skateboarding sneakers, and you have probably seen all of the different styles and color combinations. However, it's almost impossible to find a store that has all of the colors and styles available. As a general reference, take a look at the list below and check out all of the different color and styles that you could be missing out on:

Different Styles of DVS Revival Shoes

  • Original
  • Splat
  • Graphics
  • FT Nubuck
  • Black to School
  • Applique
  • Decay
  • SM/SMU/SM5
  • HO/HO2/HO3
  • SP4

Different Colors of DVS Revival Shoes

  • Black/Black
  • Black/Pebble
  • White/White
  • White/Navy
  • Black/Gum (HO2)
  • Black/Gold (Women's)
  • Red/White (Women's)
  • White/Multi (Women's)
  • White/Pink (Women's)
  • Black/Pink/Skull (Women's)
  • Black/Purple (Women's)
  • White/Starstruck (Splat)
  • White/Tunes (Splat)
  • Black/Grey (H03 Splat)
  • Black/White/Skull (Splat)
  • Black/Paint (Splat)
  • Black/Neon (Splat)
  • Black/Camo (Splat)
  • White/Mint/Cloud (Splat)
  • White/Black/Light Blue (Decay)
  • Black/Red (SMU)
  • White/Bandana (SP4)
  • Brown/Suede/Bandana (SP4)

DVS Revival Shoes Special Features

It's not just the unique and attractive styles that make these skateboard sneakers so sought after. They also boast a pretty good list of special features as well. This company has been producing footwear since 1995, and since then they have been known as one of the top brands to choose from, rivaling other popular companies like Osiris, Circa, Adio, Etnies, eS, Emerica, DC, Globe, and Vans.

The DVS Revival shoes have a list of features that encompass the direct needs of all types of skateboarders, making these some of the more versatile models to wear. A good balance of features and functions surrounding key areas like comfort, durability, and overall performance make them a hot commodity for a wide range of preferences.

It's hard to find a decent list of features when you are looking for DVS Revival shoes, whether it be online or in stores. Many places will only list a portion of the features and functions, for one reason or another. Sometimes the product description writers are just trying to give a quick rundown, while others just might not have all the information readily available to type out. Listed below is a compilation of all of the special features that are included in the DVS Revival shoes, taken from several sources like CCS catalogs, Zappos.com, and the official website of this footwear company.
  • Comfortable lycra tongue straps.
  • Perforated foam for heat reduction.
  • Soft latex lined insole.
  • Flexible rubber cupsole.
  • Board lasted construction.
  • Add some style to your feet, own a pair today.
  • SK8TGR
Looking at the ridiculous amount of styles and colors to choose from is one thing, but when you add in all of the great features, it's pretty obvious why the DVS Revival shoes are so popular. Not many other skateboarding sneakers can boast a line-up like this. These models have been around for quite a while now, and it doesn't look like they will be going away any time soon!