DVS Volari Shoes

The DVS Volari shoes are some of this brand's most popular skateboarding sneakers from their extensive line. Many people choose to buy DVS Volari shoes because of their style and comfort, while others like them for their durability and technicality. They are famous for their snug and comfortable fit and great overall function.

Since 1995, this company has been producing top quality skateboarding footwear for all types of skateboarders, and the DVS Volari shoes has proved time and time again why they are some of the highest selling models from this company. Let's take a look at all of the features and functions, styles, and colors of the ever popular DVS Volari shoes.

Styles and Colors of DVS Volari Shoes

As with most skateboarding sneakers, the DVS Volari shoes come in several different color combinations. They also make them for not only men, but women and kids too. Below is a list of all of the different colors you can find DVS Volari shoes in. Chances are you won't find them all in one store, so be sure to shop around a bit and see what other stores have to offer.

  • Black/Grey (Suede)
  • Black/White (Nubuck)
  • White/Black/Lime (Pin Leather)
  • White/Grey (Mesh)
  • Brown (Leather)
  • Red/Black (Suede)
  • Black/Gold
  • White/Yellow (Leather)
  • White/Brown (Leather)
  • Navy (Nylon)
  • White (Plaid)
  • Black/Gum (Leather)
Notice how these sneakers are made with several kinds of materials, giving you the option of choosing your preference. The mesh styles will allow for more breathability. The leather and suede style will be a lot more durable than some of the others. The nylon styles are lighter weight, which a lot of skateboarders prefer in their sneakers. Lastly, the plaid styles are just stylish, and unique. It's pretty clear that these are some of the most versatile skateboarding sneakers on the market, and that these styles are what separate them from other popular models like the Revival, Militia, Contra, and Parliament.

DVS Volari Shoes Special Features

The features that these skateboarding sneakers come with are a big reason why they are so popular among so many different kinds of people and skateboarders alike. The DVS Volari shoes come with a nice balance of both comfort and technicality features.

For comfort, they come with a lightweight EVA midsole, which allows for softer landings. Even if you don't skateboard you can benefit from this and have more enjoyable walking. They have open-cell breathable mesh in key areas that your feet tend to get sweaty, giving you an "air conditioner" for your feet. The DVS Volari shoes are also perforated for improved heat reduction, adding to the last feature in keeping your feet nice and cool.

More features for comfort are the sure-fit tongue straps and the extra thick interior padding that is not only comfortable, but also keeps your sneakers nice ans snug while you skateboard, giving you better control over things like flip tricks. Another great feature that the DVS Volari shoes implement is the extra grippy outsole that also allows you to have much improved control over your board for things like flip tricks, grinds, gaps, and especially vert and mini.

After seeing all of the different styles, colors, materials, and special features the DVS Volari shoes come fully loaded with, it's no wonder why they have been such popular skateboarding sneakers for so many years now. This company has to know how much people love these sneakers, and I would expect them to continue making them for years to come, and people will still keep buying them.