Osiris NYC 83 Mid Ultra Shoes

The Osiris NYC 83 shoes and all of its other styles like the South, Mid WKR, SLM, ULT, and various hybrids between each one, are among the hottest skateboarding sneakers on the market. The popularity of the Osiris NYC 83 shoes is starting to rival that of this company's most famous model of all time, the D3 2001. After they exploded in popularity, they gained a high reputation and set the bar for future models like the Osiris NYC 83 shoes, which have lived up to the expectations of most skateboarders, regardless of age or gender. In this article we will discuss all there is to know about the Osiris NYC 83 shoes for kids, girls and adults, including all of the different styles, and the special features that are included in each pair.


The Osiris NYC 83 Shoes Series

Osiris NYC 83 Classic Shoes - These are the classics. They come in lots of different color combinations including brown/white/gum, black/red/mirror, blue/yellow, black/cyan/orange/ultra, lase, and cyan/lime/silver/ultra. As high tops, they come with clean uppers of leather, suede, and canvas. They also come complete with a latex covered, soft molded EVA insole for extra support and comfort, and an exposed EVA midsole for shock absorption.

Osiris NYC 83 Ultra/ULT Shoes - The Ultras are a slightly different variation, sort of a tiny upgrade in terms of style, compared to the classics. They come in more vibrant and flashy color combinations like black/orange/white, making these Ultras stand out a little more than the rest, and bringing a little more of that classic New York flavor to the mix. The uppers are made from leather, pebble grain, mesh, and/or miracle enamel for added durability and comfort. The ULT's also feature a soft molded PU insole for an improved fit and more comfort.

Osiris NYC 83 Mid WKR Shoes - With designs based on the original hi-tops, these WKR's come with a mid-top construction for those who prefer this style of skateboarding sneakers over the hi-tops and lo-tops. The Mid WKRs come in a wide range of color combinations, like pogoda/black/white, black/grey/pogoda, brown/green/white, elephant/black/white, purple/black/elephant, seafoam/white/black, and so much more. The amount of different styles of these Osiris NYC 83 shoes is unrivaled by any of the others.

Osiris NYC 83 South Shoes - These are the Osiris NYC 83 shoes made especially for the girls and women who have become fans of these popular sneakers. They are not as bulky, and they look even just a little lower than the Mid WKR's. They have a different lacing system, and come with a padded collar and tongue with elastic straps. The South's come in a few different color combinations including black/kari/multi, white/multi/8deez, white/gold, and black/blue/fluff.

Osiris NYC 83 Slim/SLM Shoes - The slims are a pair also made especially for the girls and women who love the Osiris NYC 83 shoes. They are very similar to the classics and Ultras, except they are just a little less bulky. In terms of their style and color combinations, they have some very appealing styles, like mixtape/white, black/purple, blue/yellow, black/con, and a few others. They are made with suede, leather, pebble grain, and nubuck. These come in both men's styles and sizes as well as girls and women's.

Special Features of The Osiris NYC 83 Shoes

Every different style of the Osiris NYC 83 shoes have slightly different features that make these sneakers some of the most durable, stylish, and comfortable on the market. As a general guideline for all the features these popular skateboarding sneakers include, refer to the lists below.

Standard Osiris NYC 83 Shoes

  • Made of leather, suede, canvas, and/or synthetic leather.
  • Reinforced in high abrasion areas.
  • Padded tongue and collar.
  • Combo lacing system.
  • Soft molded EVA insole with full latex covering.
  • Exposed EVA midsole.
  • Cupsole construction.
  • Abrasion-resistant rubber outsole.

Mid WKR and Ultra/ULT Osiris NYC 83 Shoes

  • Uppers of action leather, synthetic nubuck, patent leather, mesh and/or enamel.
  • Reinforced in high abrasion.
  • Padded tongue and collar.
  • Combination lacing system.
  • Cupsole construction
  • Exposed EVA midsole.
  • Soft molded PU insole with full latex covering.
  • Abrasion-resistant rubber outsole.

South Osiris NYC 83 Shoes

  • Leather or suede upper.
  • Padded collar and tongue with elastic centering straps.
  • Front toe double lace perforations.
  • Nylon 6/HTPR custom side lace loop.
  • Cupsole with exposed EVA window for flex.

Slim/SLM Osiris NYC 83 Shoes

  • Suede, action leather, and/or soft action leather upper material.
  • Select models feature action pebble grain, nubuck and/or patent leather for added durability & styling
  • Enhanced high abrasion areas.
  • Foam padded tongue & collar
  • Combo lacing system
The Osiris NYC 83 shoes are among the most sought after skateboarding sneakers in the world right now. It doesn't matter if you're a guy, a girl, a kid - it doesn't even matter if you skateboard - there is a reason these models and styles are so popular. This company continues to come out with fresh new styles every year, and you can expect to see the Osiris NYC 83 shoes on sale for many years to come. Make sure you keep an eye out for the prices to start dropping, as this company is set to release a whole new line-up for the spring season in April and May of 2010. If you're wondering where you can buy them, or if you're interested in other models and styles, check out my other articles I have dedicated to this super popular skateboarding footwear company!