Osiris Serve Abel Shoes

The Osiris Serve shoes, including the Abel, Icon, Maxx 242, and Bomber, are some of the most recognizable and affordable skateboarding sneakers this company has. After years of being on the market, the Osiris Serve shoes have proven time and time again why they are so popular. Skateboarders, bikers, and even just casual fans are attracted to the Osiris Serve shoes for many reasons. Whether it's their basic yet very appealing styles, or their overall function and durability, many people choose to buy Osiris Serve shoes and fall in love, whether it's the Icon, Abel, Maxx 242, or Bomber series.

Coming in several different styles and and designs to choose from makes the Osiris Serve shoes even more appealing, as customers have a broader range of diverse styles to look at that perhaps suit their taste perfectly. Let's go over all there is to know about the Osiris Serve shoes, including the different makes, special features, and designs offered.

Different Styles of Osiris Serve Shoes

One of the best things about the Osiris Serve shoes is the fact that they come in so many different styles, each with their own unique blend of retro style that attracts young adults of all walks of life. Some of these different styles you see are extremely hard to find anymore, and if you can find a pair on sale you should snatch them up because most places are sold out, at least for now. With the overall popularity of the Osiris Serve shoes, I wouldn't be surprised if the company decided to reissue them again in 2010. Let's take a look at all of the different styles:

Original Series

The original Osiris Serve shoes are the most basic of them all. Though they are still quite stylish and benefit from all of the same special features as any of the other models do, they lack the in-your-face designs that the Maxx 242, Icon, Abel, and Bomber styles possess. This doesn't really affect them too much, though, since they are still some of the highest selling skateboarding sneakers out there.

Abel Series

The Abel sneakers are pretty much the most popular style of Osiris Serve shoes that there are. The designs on the quarter panels of these sneakers are the main reason for this. The original artwork resembling graffiti, along with the brand's name drawn in make these skateboarding sneakers very unique and sought after by not only men, but also women and children.

Maxx 242 Series

The darker and more gothic looking artwork on the Maxx 242 Osiris Serve Shoes are what sets these apart from the Abels. They seem to be very similar in design, but the Maxx 242 would probably attract the heavy metal fans more than anyone else, as they incorporate white on black designs featuring skulls.

Icon Series

The Icon is right up there with the Abel and could arguably be a more popular style of Osiris Serve shoes than them as well. The classic company logo is embroidered and woven onto the backsides of each outside quarter panels, keeping these sneakers simple, yet stylish for both men and women alike. They can be found in tons of different styles and color combinations, and even a few unique limited edition models as well.

Bomber Series

These are some of the more unique styles to choose from, and are a limited edition style of Osiris Serve shoes. The quarter panel begins with the head of a shark as a reference to World War II fighter jets, then is cut off midway through with a thick stripe for added style. Finally the Bomber ends and wraps around the heel with a cartoonish design incorporating skeletons and army stars.

Osiris Serve Shoes Style and Comfort Features

The main focus behind these sneakers is their style and comfort features that make them special compared to many other models from this company as well as others. The Osiris Serve shoes all come with the classic midsole foxing stripe, and are slimmer styles than most are used to which makes for a better fit, especially when compared to bulkier models like the NYC 83 or the famous D3 2001.

Osiris Serve shoes are also made with some high quality, soft and resilient materials like leather, noble nubuck, action pebble grain, and suede. They also come with open vamp construction for improved flex, and a perforated lacing system fro easy lace up and comfort. With comfort and style features like this, these sneakers have earned themselves a legitimate reputation.

Osiris Serve Shoes Performance and Durability Features

It's great that the Osiris Serve shoes are so comfortable and stylish, but how do they hold up out on the concrete when you're actually on your skateboard? Luckily, they do quite well, thanks to features like a thermo-molded plastic toe shield, and EVA midsoles and cushioned insoles for ultimate shock absorption. Another thing that makes these sneakers great is the patented Super Grip™ cupsole construction which allows for maximum grip on your skateboard even when your grit is low.

The Osiris Serve shoes have proven over the years why they are considered a top choice for skateboarders and casual fans alike. Whether you skate street or vert, these are some of the most comfortable skateboarding sneakers you can find. This may be why people who don't even know how to skateboard choose to buy them. There aren't too many other skateboarding sneakers that attract as many non-skateboarders as these do, and this just goes to show what they have to offer. People seem to like them so much that they keep buying them, which is one reason why they have been on sale for so many years now.

They have pushed the limits of comfort, style, and affordability, giving other companies like Adio, Circa, Etnies, DVS, Globe, Vans, DC, eS, and Emerica a run for their money, and inspiring many other popular models to be created. Here's to hoping the Osiris Serve shoes make a triumphant return in 2010. If this company was smart, they would already have these ready to be shipped out, knowing full well that they will have another great year.