Osiris Troma Redux Shoes

The Osiris Troma II shoes are some of the hottest skateboarding sneakers this company has produced in years, and the incredible sales from it proves its worth. Attracting customers from all walks of life, whether they actually skateboard or not, the Osiris Troma II shoes are just one of many great models that has made this brand a household name. Whether you like to skate vert, street, freestyle, or whether you just want to have some stylish sneakers to walk around in, the Osiris Troma II shoes deliver in the form of the originals, Icon, Redux, and Abel styles.

There are many different styles and color combinations associated with the Osiris Troma II shoes, and these features are what set these skateboarding sneakers apart from others, like the NYC 83, Serve, or even the world famous D3 2001. Let's take a good look at the Osiris Troma II shoes and go over all you need to know about them including their special features and unique styles.

What is the Difference in Styles of the Osiris Troma II Shoes?

Many people may be confused as to why there are so many different names associated with the Osiris Troma II shoes. These names signify the unique styles and artwork designs that come with each pair of these super popular sneakers.


These are the sneakers that have artwork going down the whole outside quarterpanel. This artwork is characterized as a black and white toned graffiti style "tag" that incorporates things like stars, skulls, cars, and other stylish themes, as well as the company logo or name thrown into the mix somewhere along the lines. These are some of the most popular styles of not only the Osiris Troma II shoes, but also the Serve and even the slip-ons known as the Scoops.


The Redux are the more basic and less eye-popping looking versions of the Osiris Troma II Shoes. They have a sleek and solid design that a lot of skateboarders find comfort in because they don't draw so much attention. They come with all of the same features as any of the other styles, they just don't come with any spectacular designs or artwork on the quarterpanels.


Icons are also very popular styles that you often see on other models from this company like the Serve. The Icons just imply that each pair comes with a unique version of the brand's logo, and the Icon version of the Osiris Troma II shoes are some of the most attractive ones that you will find, whether you get the men's, girl's, kids, or even Becky Bones models.

The Osiris Troma II Shoes Special Features

These are the second coming of the originals from a few years back, and with the coming of a new model comes also some new and improved features that emphasize quality surrounding the comfort, durability, and overall performance of each version of the Osiris Troma II shoes. The Icon, Abel, and Redux versions all share the same features, but you may run across a few differing descriptions on random sites that may have one feature not listed on the other. So, for a general reference as to what all the special features are of the Osiris Troma II shoes that makes them so popular, check this super list I have compiled below:

  • Super Grip™ cupsole construction
  • Aggressive herringbone pattern for MGP
  • Metal grommet lacing system for added durability
  • Added reinforcement in toe and heel
  • All suede mid-top upper with triple stitched dual layer toe cap/ollie guard, also available in action leather/action pebble grain version.
  • Reinforced in high abrasion areas for added durability and styling.
  • Padded tongue and collar for added comfort and support.
  • Combination lacing system for an improved fit and classic skate styling.
  • Soft molded PU insole with full latex covering for added durability and an improved fit.
  • Drop in EVA midsole with a heel insert for maximum support and comfort.
  • Cupsole construction for added durability.
  • Abrasion-resistant rubber outsole for wear, durability, and ideal performance.

These are all of the amazing features and technologies you can find in each pair of the Osiris Troma II shoes. As you can see, it's not just their obviously stylish models that make these sneakers so coveted, it actually has a lot to do with what they offer as well. Millions of skateboarders around the world put their trust into these skateboarding sneakers to hold up in the sickest conditions, as well as help them perform their tricks more smoothly and easily. Don't be surprised if you see a third version of the Osiris Troma II shoes in the next couple of years, and keep an eye out for sales on these models because this company is going to be releasing a line of new ones in the spring of 2010.