Tory Burch rain boots offer extraordinary comfort in a fashionable shoe for the wet and rainy season. The designer rain boots gives you supreme protection against the rain, which comes in different styles and colors. But who is Tory Burch? She is a fashion designer who won many fashion awards and a very successful business woman. In 2005 she appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show as the “next big thing in fashion”. In fact, two of Tory Burch’s items made it on the list of “Oprah’s favorite things” in the last season of Oprah's talk show. Blake Lively, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez and yes Oprah Winfrey are all fans of her collection and are often seen wearing her designs.

Unlike traditional rain boots which is free of style, the Troy Burch rain boots are available in different styles and colors. For all the fashionable women out there, you will be happy to know that some styles include knee-high or mid leg boots with varying heel height. The Tory Burch rain boots collection offer bright colors such as red, orange, pink and purple. The boot has a soft rubber sole for traction especially on wet ground and a rounded toe front for added comfort. Not only is this boot ideal for wet weather but women like to wear it on dry days just to appear fashionable. The boot is so popular that consumers are now beginning to wear them everyday. Tory Burch rain boots sell for over one hundred dollars and sometimes she will design a boot for a specific charity to help raise some money. Recently, Tory designed pink boots for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation in trying to raise some money for breast cancer research.

You will be pleasantly surprised with the packaging of the Tory Burch rain boots. The box is unique and has a bag to carry your boots. Furthermore, the boots are quite durable even if worn very often and in wet weather. The Tory Burch logo rain boots collection features her iconic logo on the side of each boot. Many replicas of the Tory Burch rain boots are found on the market; however, an imitation boot does not have the official logo.

These boots are definitely offers both style and beauty and not to forget comfort. The Tory Burch rain boots looks good with dresses, shorts, and pants. A kid’s collection of the Tory Burch rain boots is also available.

The Tory Burch rain boots is expensive so if you are still skeptical about spending that much money on a pair of boots looks out for a Tory Burch rain boots sale. In addition, a review from forty-five women who bought the Tory Burch rain boot said they would recommend it to a friend and about fifty percent were thinking of purchasing another pair just in a different color.

Boots are fashionable and keep coming back each season. The Tory Burch rain boots are fashionable and comfortable for any season, so the next time you want to buy a rain boot you might want to consider the Tory Burch boots.