Vintage Western styles belt buckles are very popular and are very unique. They have often had elaborate Western designs. You will find a large assortment of styles with a Western theme for your belt buckle. Western buckles have western scenes such as animals, cowboys or others including rodeo, bulls or other Western subject.

Some of the vintage western belt buckles are very eye-catching in how they are made. Classic western belt buckles are not only collectible but they are very fashionable.

How to Take Care of Vintage Belt Buckles

In order to get the longest use out of your old buckles you will want to take good care of them. If the belt buckles are authentic vintage buckles, they may be tarnished from age. Many of the vintage buckles are made from metal such as brass or silver. You will want to buy a cleaner that is especially designated for old metals. Never use abrasive products on your old buckles as they can cause scratches to the surface.

If the buckle is in really dirty condition you can also use an item such as a toothpick to get between the edges of the buckle designs. You may also have to soak the buckle to loosen the embedded dirt up.

After cleaning the belt buckle you can polish it so that its previous shine can be restored. There are products you can buy that are especially made to restore the finish on brass or silver vintage Western buckles.

Themed Vintage Western Belt Buckles

There are many themes or styles of old Western belt buckles. It depends on your preference if you wear belt buckles but if you collecting old cowboy belt buckles you probably thinks they are all beautiful works or art.

A popular design of vintage Western belt buckles are the ones made with turquoise stones. These buckles have beautiful Western designs studded with turquoise. One of the problems with this style of belt buckle is that the turquoise stones may become loose or lost. In order to retain the original design you probably will be able to find a jewelry repair that can repair the buckle design.

Western belt buckles are often made of brass, silver or other metal. The intricate designs on the buckle can depict Western scenes such as cowboys with their horses or other cowboy landscape. You will also find Western belt buckles that commemorate place of the old west such as the various traditional cowboy states of Arizona, Colorado, Texas and New Mexico.

Western buckles may also have designs of the weapons of the old west such as guns, rifles or ropes. Another popular style of vintage belt buckles includes designs of animals. Favorite Western belt buckles will have designs of horses, bulls or steer.  The selection of styles of Western themed belt buckles is endless and all depends on what you are looking for.

There are so many styles of old buckles that honor the Western way of life that you will have a great time shopping for vintage Western belt buckles.

Where to Buy Vintage Western Belt Buckles

One of the best places to buy authentic vintage Western belt buckles is on Ebay. At any one time there can be hundreds of one of kind old belt buckles for sale. Ebay is a great site that enables buyers and sellers to get together to make deals. You can find some awesome antique Western belt buckles styled in a Western theme such as inlaid turquoise belts, cowboy belt buckles, silver belt buckles and many more cool products.

If you have never shopped on Ebay before it is a very simple process. You simply search by the type of old belt buckle you want. A large selection of items will be available with pictures and the current auction price will also be shown. All you have to do is bid on the one of the Western Belt Buckles you have your eye on and if you are the winning bidder, the vintage cowboy belt buckle will be shipped right to you.

There are also many other sites online that may sell classic Western belt buckles. You can do a search on the internet for vintage Western belt buckles and you will be shown thousands of site where you can buy them.  Many of these site sell reproduction of vintage belts so be aware of that in case you only want an authentic vintage Western belt buckle.

You will also be able to find vintage Western belt buckles at flea markets, estate sales and occasionally garage sales if you get lucky at a good one. If your hobby is collecting old belt buckles you should be able to find all kinds of belt buckles while browsing through these types of market places.