Make that commitment with a wedding band tattoo

Wedding rings should not be the only way to communicate your commitment to each other. An alternative is the use of wedding band tattoos designed in an intricate design. These designs have been around for a long time with ladies having had the name of the husband on their ring finger. Nowadays, this has grown to involve even men. In this post, we shall see how you can get a wedding band and the various designs that can suit you.

How is a tattoo done?
Using a needle connected to a machine holding various tubes with dye, the skin is pricked repeatedly with the needle and inserts tiny ink drops in the skin to create a pattern.

What are the pros and cons of wedding band tattoos?

The wedding band tattoo cannot be misplaced, lost or stolen.
Some occupations such as medical, sports and surgery cannot allow you to work with a wedding ring. Thus you will not have to worry about the wedding ring and work comfortably.
The wedding band will serve the purpose of making you commit to each other.
This procedure is cheap. You will not have to spend a lot of money on diamond rings to show your commitment.


The wedding band tattoo can rub off or smudge. The location of the tattoo on the finger makes it susceptible to getting in contact with liquids thus can easily smudge. This means you have to keep in mind that the tattoo has to be redone regularly.
The wedding band tattoos are hard to remove. In cases of break ups, they will still remain to remind you of the bad memories

How to select a beauty parlor for the procedure

Before you choose a particular parlor, you need to answer several questions about the place:

Is the tattooist and parlor neat?
Are there any rights of the clients displayed for you?
Are the workers willing to answer questions you want to ask?
Does the facility have hand washing utilities with running water available for the procedure?
Does the tattooist follow safety procedures such as wearing gloves when undertaking the procedure?
Are the equipments used for a single service or on several people?
Does the tattooist use a new ink supply for each procedure?
Are all the tools used in the procedure disposed off in the proper manner?
Does the tattooist use appropriate disinfectants for the procedure and after the procedure for cleaning the work area?
Has the tattooist ever done the same work before? If they have, let them show you pictures of what they have ever done before.
Has the tattoo you have chosen ever been done on someone else before? If not, let the tattooist know that you need the tattoo to be drawn on you alone.

What are the risks associated with tattooing?
Getting the wedding band tattoo may be a process taking only a few minutes to get, but it is a permanent procedure. The procedure involves accessing the skin which is a protective barrier of the body. This exposes you to several risks which may include:

Contracting blood-borne diseases such as hepatitis B, HIV and Hepatitis B. This usually occurs if the equipment used has been used on someone infected and have not been properly sterilized.
Skin infections may arise if the equipment used is not sterile. This may lead to blisters, skin reddening, irritation and swelling.
If you are allergic to the ink being used, you may develop reactions which will be manifested by rashes, granulomas and bumps.
In case you are prone to keloids, tattooing can trigger them.

What is the ideal time for you to get a wedding band tattoo?

The recovery phase of the tattoo takes like one week or so. The finger will be a bit painful during that time.
You need to have the tattoo when you know you will have the time to take care of it.
It is recommended that you get your wedding band tattoo a few weeks before or after the actual wedding so that it does not interfere with the healing process.

Choosing the best designs for a wedding band tattoo.

So, you know everything you need to get your tattoo done, now you need the best design for your tattoo. What will you choose?

Select a design that is made up of simple lines, letters, symbols or images. The letters you choose may mean something special to the two of you. Do not use many images or complicated letters because the resulting design may be blurred on not easy to understand.
The design in vogue now is the Celtic design ring tattoo. These look best when they are designed in bold colors with large images or letters.
It is not bad to design your wedding band tattoo after checking out some existing designs. Do some research and see the best that appeal to you and talk to the tattooist to see whether they can come up with a similar or something like it for you.

With that in mind, let's see examples of tattoos that have been made and what they symbolize.

Celtic rings that match can show the truthfulness and holiness of the union.
Flower shaped black ring tattoo
Heart ring tattoo
Celtic knot tattoo
Tattooed Diamond rings
Ring tattoos with names of the couple on each other's finger.
Ring tattoos with the wedding date
Infinity sign tattoos that portray everlasting love
Snake with twin mouths

Not sure about the design to use? Don't worry, check out hundreds of tattoo designs at the infinite tattoos site and get the tattoo that will suit you.

How should you care for your tattoo?

When you get the tattoo, you need specific instructions for caring for it by the tattooist. This includes: Avoid handling harsh chemicals such as chlorine or cleaners which contain chlorine.

Regular cleaning of the area with soap and water.
Applying a skin moisturizer to improve healing
How to handle scabs. They should not be removed but the skin left to heal naturally
The tattoo should not be exposed to the sun as it makes the tattoo fade off.