Yuwie LogoYuwie is an extremely unique social networking website. You may be asking, what makes it so unique? Yuwie is a website that actually pays you to do the regular things that you do on websites such as Facebook and Myspace! You actually can get paid based on page views. The best part about Yuwie is the wonderful referral program. This referral program can actually go 10 levels deep, which can seriously optimize your earnings. In other words, you are able to get revenue from your activity, your referral's activity, their referral's activity, and so forth for 10 full levels! This type of revenue seriously adds up and adds up very quickly.

The earnings potential for Yuwie is amazing. Let us assume that you refer three people who refer three other people and so on through 10 full levels. Let us say that the Revenue Sharing Rate is at $0.50 and each of your referrals receive at least 1000 page views a month. Look at what would happen:

Yuwie Chart

Now, how amazing is that? Can you just imagine making $10,000 a month just by doing the same thing that you do on those other social networking websites? I can admit, when I first joined Yuwie I was extremely skeptical of this chart. It seemed as if the earnings were completely exaggerated. I still decided to join and I am happy that I did. Besides the potential for earning, I have met many great people who have been extremely successful with Yuwie. I can definitely tell you that it is very possible to earn this much money in one month from Yuwie. It will take a lot work but it will be worth it. I have been a member for about four days now and I am already closing in on the 1000 page views mark. If I can continue with this trend, I may be able to make a few bucks this month. If I am able to refer three people who will also refer others, I may be able to get even more.

So you may be questioning should you go ahead and join Yuwie. I personally believe that you should go for it! I am not saying that you are guaranteed to make $10,000 a month but I do believe that it is achievable if you put enough work into it. Making even a few hundred dollars a month would be helpful in this economy. If you are willing and ready to begin making easy income by persistent effort, join Yuwie today and see what you can accomplish!