The ability to use all available two letter Scrabble words opens up all kinds of additional places on the board to play.  Instead of being limited mostly to playing across existing words, two letter words open the chance to play words parallel to existing words forming one or multiple short words and one longer word that you are laying down.  

Two letter words are also excellent for dumping extra letters at the end of the game.  

Here are all the two letter Scrabble Dictionary approved words.  Unlike most versions of the two letter list, I have arranged the list by type of word to make them easier to remember and help you isolate the words you may need to memorize from the common words you already know.

Unusual Words

These are words you may not use very often or may not think are actual words (like AG and ED)

AA:  noun.  Plural is AAS  rough cindery lava

AE:  adjective meaning one

AG:  adjective pertaining to agriculture in some way

AI:  noun plural is AIS  a three toed sloth (type of animal)

AL: noun plural is ALS  a tree from East India

BA:  noun plural BAS.  the eternal soul in Egyptian mythology

BO:  noun plural BOS.  an older expression for a friend or pal, or male lover

DE:  preposition meaning "of" or "from" and used in names. Common in Netherland origin names

ED:  noun plural EDS.  pertaining to education

EL:  noun plural ELS. an elevated train, as in Chicago and other cities.

ET:  a past tense of EAT

JO noun plural is JOES.  Older expression for a sweetheart

KA noun plural is KAS.  the spiritual self of a human being in Egyptian religion.

LI:  noun plural is LIS.  A Chinese unit of distance measurement

MO:  noun plural is MOS.  a moment.

NE:  adjective meaning born with the name of. Also NEE is valid as an alternate spelling.  

OD:  noun with the plural ODS.  a hypothetical force of natural power.

OE:  noun meaning a whirlwind off the Faeroe Islands. One of the weirder words on the two letter word list and good for dumping vowels.  OES is acceptable.

OP:  noun and a style of abstract art.  OPS is the plural.

OS:  noun meaning part of the body including an orifice.  Acceptable extensions include OSS, ORA, OSSA, and OSAR.

PI:  verb meaning to jumble.  PIED, PIEING, PIING or PIES are all valid words.

UN:  pronoun meaning one.  UNS is the plural

WO:  noun.  Another form of WOE.  WOS is the plural.

XU:  noun and it's own plural.  A monetary unit in Vietnam


In grammar, an interjection or exclamation is a word used to express an emotion or sentiment on the part of the speaker (although most interjections have clear definitions). Filled pauses such as uherum are also considered interjections. Interjections are typically placed at the beginning of a sentence.

AH: interjection used to express delight, relief or contempt

AW:  interjection used to express protest, disgust, or disbelief

AY:  noun plural is AYS.  Saying Yes or voting in the affirmative

EH:  interjection used to express doubt. Also a common Canadian expression meaning almost anything Canadians want it to mean.

ER:  interjection used to express hesitation

HA:  noun plural is HAS. sound of surprise or laughter/mocking

HI:  interjection and a greeting

HM:  interjection used to express thoughtful consideration

HO:  interjection used to express surprise and used by Santa Claus as a greeting

LO:  interjection used to attract attention.  Popular in Christmas carols. 

MM: interjection used to express agreement or satisfaction

NA:  adverb meaning no or not

OH:  verb meaning surprised, in pain, or desire (oh baby!) OHS, OHING, OHED are acceptable.

OW:  interjection meaning sudden pain. 

OY:  another interjection meaning dismay or pain.

SH:  interjection used to urge silence

TA:  noun and an expression of gratitude.  TAS is valid as the plural.

UH: interjection used to express hesitation

UM:  same as UH

YA:  pronoun meaning you and an expression

YE: also a pronoun meaning you.

YO:  interjection used to call attention or express affirmation.

Musical Scale

DO:  noun plural is DOS

FA: noun plural is FAS

LA:  noun plural is LAS

MI:  noun plural is MIS

RE:  noun plural is RES

SI:  noun and the same as TI.  Plural is SIS

SO:  noun plural is SOS (yes this makes the expression SOS valid)

TI:  noun and the same as SI. Plural is TIS

UT:  noun that was used in the French musical scale. Replaced by DO 

Letters of the Alphabet Spelled Out

AR:  plural is ARS - the letter R

EF:  plural is EFS - the letter F

EM: plural is EMS - the letter N

EN: plural is ENS - the letter N

ES:  plural is ESES or ESS - the letter S

EX:  plural is EXES - the letter X

MU:  Plural is MUS and it is the name of a Greek Letter

NU:  with the plural of NUS it is another Greek Letter

PE:  a Hebrew Letter with the plural of PES

XI:  another Greek Letter.  XIS is the plural.

Other Common Words

These are not words you'll need to memorize because you use them all the time, but look at some of the unusual endings for them when used in uncommon ways. 

AB noun.  plural is ABS  an abdominal muscle

AD  noun.  plural is ADS  an advertisement

AM:  present first person singular of BE

AN:  indefinite article used before words beginning with a vowel

AS:  adverb to the same degree

AT:  preposition meaning in the position of

AX:  verb/noun  a type of cutting tool.  Can extend to AXED, AXING, AXES

BE:  verb meaning to have actuality. Can be extended to BEEN, BEING and many unrelated words that start in BE.

BI:  noun plural BIS meaning a bisexual person

BY:  in addition to the obvious meaning, BY is also a noun which means to take a pass in certain card games. Therefore BYS is a valid word.

GO:  verb meaning to move along.  GONE GOING, GOES are valid extensions.

HE:  noun plural is HES.  a male person

ID:  noun plural is IDS.  A part of the psyche.

IF:  noun plural is IFS.  a possibility

IN:  verb meaning to harvest (and other meanings).  INS is valid.

IS:  present third person singular of BE

IT:  pronoun third person singular

MA: noun plural is MAS.  a mother.

ME: pronoun meaning yourself or I

MY:  pronoun possessive form of pronoun I

NO: noun and a negative reply. NOES and NOS are acceptable plurals.

OF:  preposition meaning coming from

ON:  while it has multiple meanings , OH is also a noun referring to where a batter stands in cricket, making ONS valid.

OR:  while a common word, it is also a noun referring to the color gold.  ORS is acceptable because of this definition.

OX:  noun.  a particular type of hoofed animal.  OXES and OXEN are both valid.

PA:  noun meaning father.  PAS is the plural.

TO:  preposition meaning in the direction of.

UP:  verb meaning to raise  UPS is not just a package delivery service its a valid Scrabble word.

US: pronoun and very common word.

WE:  pronoun

Good luck and I hope these words help you in bettering your Scrabble game.