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All Clad – Beautiful Gift

A Buying Guide

All Clad - Beautiful Gift

Since 1960 in a small town located in southwestern Pennsylvania, USA All Clad Metalcrafters have been creating the only bonded cookware that utilizes American made metals and American crafters. All Clad knows what most people look for in their cookware and have developed the technique to follow – a leader in the cookware industry for many reasons. For those searching for Made in USA products that help to boost the local economy and help the national deficit at the same time, this is one choice of cookware that is hard to beat.


All Clad produces a very high quality, professional, eye appealing selection in a complete line of cookware suitable for the most picky gourmet chefs to the homemaker of today.


All Clad Cookware represents extraordinary quality, superior performance and striking aesthetics that many chefs and cooks alike search for to create the magnificent dishes in the culinary world. You don't have to be a professional Chef to cook at home like one with the proper tools of the culinary trade.


All Clad Cookware blends copper, steel and aluminum for superior performance and durability during a layered metal bonding process that outperforms all other single metals. By bonding each of these metals together, the All Clad line of cookware is able to offer the customer a lightweight, corrosive-resistant, classic design with strength and durability as well as even heat conduction throughout.


Every piece of All Clad Cookware is hand inspected during each phase of production ensuring quality.


All Clad Metalcrafters takes responsibility to the environment by recycling every piece of unused metals and even the metal sanding shavings that could get left behind or thrown away.


Stainless steel rivets are used on All Clad Sautee Pans and All Clad Skillet to ensure strength, wearability and durability while reducing the potential for rust or corrosion.


Each All Clad Sautee Pan handle is heat proof ensuring the highest safety and is also ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in the hand providing comfort during cooking.


All Clad comes in a variety of aesthetically appealing colors to suit anyone or any kitchen design. Each is bonded with the same metals and only the outside appearance is changed to suit a particular design or color scheme preference:


Copper Core – Stainless steel top and bottom with a ribbon of copper around the base

Stainless Steel – Stainless steel top and bottom with a magnetic stainless steel base

Cop-R-Chef – Boasts a magnificent copper bottom

MC-2 – Stainless steel top with an aluminum base

LTD – Stainless steel top with an anodized aluminum base


Stainless Steel is the number one selling item in the entire collection of cookware items offered by All Clad for it's professional appearance, quality, aesthetics, ease of cleaning, shine and is preferred by professional chefs as well as seasoned particular home cooks.


All Clad Cookware Ease of Use

Simply wash your All Clad with warm soapy water when first receiving it. Heat on the stove for one or two minutes prior to adding food and you should have no problems at all with your new cookware.


Cleaning All Clad

All Clad is easy to clean and maintain.

Simply washing in warm, soapy water is all that is typically needed or soak a few extra minutes for harder to remove food particles from cooking.

Do not use harsh abrasives.

Wash and dry to prevent water stains.

This is cookware that is dishwasher safe.

All Clad can be polished with a soft cloth in circular motions with a silver polish.


All Clad Stainless Steel Lifetime Warranty

Under regular normal cooking conditions, All Clad provides a lifetime warranty of all cookware products and you can be assured that this is professional grade cookware meant to last and pass on as an heirloom to other family members.


All Clad Cookware Specialty Items

All Clad offers items to assist and coordinate with your cookware and include bakeware, mixing bowls, pizza pans, pot rack, measuring spoons, stainless steel tool set, different sizes and shapes of baking pans, grill pan, canister set and even a tea kettle. Try the All Clad fondue pot for entertaining in style or the perfect gift.


Choose any one of the All Clad Collections for the beginner cook with basic essentials that can inspire a desire to cook to gourmet professional cookware items that include various sizes of pots, pans, sautee pans, fryers, grills, roasting pans, griddles, slow cooker, dutch oven, strainers, steamers, double boiler and food mill. Whether you're looking for All Clad Sautee Pans, a new Skillet or other type of pan or pot, you can't go wrong in choosing and buying All Clad for their vast selection of cooking equipment that will enhance your kitchen and your cooking experience.


Buying All Clad Stainless Steel Cookware

You can find All Clad cookware in your finer department stores or search online for many places that carry it including Macy's, Amazon or a number of Professional Cooking Sites. You may be able to comparison shop and search for specials or discounted shipping. Buy American, Support Local Businesses and Buy this solid performing cookware!


All Clad stainless steel cookware makes a beautiful gift for a Professional Chef, your loved one, the chef in your home, as a Mother's Day gift idea, for the bride to be, as a wedding gift to the bride and groom or for yourself. This is the same cookware that Martha Stewart was using on her show before she developed her own line of cookware. Professional stainless steel cookware will help you to become a better cook by cooking more evenly, browning easy and quickly and reducing burning capabilities with faster and easier clean up as well. I hope you'll enjoy your new All Clad cookware as much as my Chef husband and I do!

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