If you love to cook, then you know what an investment good quality pots and pans can be.  The All Clad Cookwear line is a high quality well made, USA brand of cookwear that is demanded by many chefs.

It is made in Canonsburg, PA, not far from Pittsburgh and they have become well known for their quality products around the world by many professional chefs and also home grown expert chefs who want the best when they cook in their own well stocked kitchens.

This cookwear line uses “American made steel” for their custom pots and pans line.  You are definitely buying “made in America” when you purchase this line of cookwear.

If you have decided to upgrade your kitchen with top quality, high grade appliances and products, then you should also invest in a well-made cookwear line that will last you a lifetime, and even onto the next generation.

All Clad CookwearCredit: Amazon

This particular set of 10 piece cookwear set has a copper core to help with even heat distribution, with 5 ply bonded layers of stainless steel, copper and aluminium with a stainless steel interior that works perfect with all foods. 

All Clad Copper Core 10-Piece Cookware Set

Even heat distribution has always been an issue with lower quality cookwear, you can easily end up with food sticking or burning easily when there are hot spots.  By purchasing good quality cookware you will have instant even heat distribution for your food ingredients and make those perfect meal creations.

This set has a unique bonded design with the copper inner core, but with the stainless steel on the outside, it is much easier to clean.  

If you are a serious “at home chef” then this would make the perfect gift to yourself, or add to your “wish list”.  This would also make a perfect gift for anyone on your list that loves to cook and would benefit from high quality American made cookwear.

There is a life time warranty against defects on this product, and hand washing is recommended.  You will notice the difference right away between cheaper brands of cookware compared to this lineup.

As this is a high quality product, the price can be much higher than those cheaper brands, but you do get what you pay for!   If you would like to invest in the cookwear line for yourself or for a gift, you can get better deals when buying sets such as the one pictured, but you could also purchase one piece at a time as you can afford to add them to your collection.

You can find this cookware lineup in high quality kitchen and chef supply stores, but you can also find them online at sites such as Amazon as well.  If you know what you want, then you can simply search the internet for the best price for the best quality. 

Shopping online is a great way to see a larger assortment of pieces to add to your set.  If you already have some pieces, then you can search out the ones you need most.  These retain their value and are a great investment for that chef in your kitchen.

All-Clad Copper Core 7-Piece Cookware Set
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(price as of Jun 23, 2013)
this will be the only set you will need. It will last a life time and make a chef out of you with the even cooking.