Getting good quality cookware is important especially if the kitchen is your domain, so if you just happen to love lobster, then you will be delighted to know that you can get an All Clad lobster pot that will do the trick.  This type of pot is also known as a stock pot and has a wide mouth making it a great way to steam lobster and other shell fish.

The All Clad lineup of quality cookware is manufactured right in the USA.  There is an aluminum core that offers even heat distribution and a stainless steel interior that will not react with any food the same way other lines do. 

All Clad Lobster PotCredit:

All-Clad MC2 Stockpot: 6-QUART

With the even heat distribution, this gets rid of any hot spots that can develop such as in cheaper pans, which is the main cause of food sticking and burning on.  This unit can be used on any type of stove too, such as electric or gas and still give you even heat.

It is 3ply bonded for a lifetime of use.  You will be able to pass this line of cookware down to your kids, as they are built to last.

Non corrosive rivets attach the heavy duty stainless steel handles with no fear of rusting or loosening.   They keep their shiny appearance (recommended you hand wash) and are good looking enough to be displayed in the kitchen and not hidden in the back of cabinets!

Now all of this becomes important when it comes to cooking up that lobster, or maybe that slow roast, or even a big batch of chili or corn on the cob.  This particular one is a 6 quart but you can get them up to 12 quart depending on your needs and how big a crowd you are trying to feed.

This one is wider than a traditional stock pot, making it a great pot for cooking lobster and roasts.

The handles are tough stainless steel, are contoured at the right angle and they stay cool making it easier to move this pot without fear of burning yourself. 

So if the kitchen is your domain, then stocking it with quality tools becomes important.  Well -built cookware can become an investment just like all those high end stainless steel appliances, but at the end of the day, even the appliances will wear out before this All Clad lobster pot or stock pot or any of their line will.

They do cost more, but you are paying for quality, so even if you can only purchase one at a time, it is a good collection to attain, especially if you love to cook.

This All Clad lobster pot or stock pot would make a great gift for anyone starting out in their own home and it is a line of cookware that can be added to each year.

You can get these at most quality kitchen supply stores, but you can also get them online at sites such as Amazon.  It is worth checking online as there can be more to choose from. 

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