One of the greatest concepts to emerge in a long time out of Las Vegas is the all day long buffet. You pay a one time price for the day and you can eat multiple meals there. You can eat a breakfast buffet, lunch buffet, and dinner buffet. No longer do you need to sneak buffet food out in your purse.

The reason casinos in Las Vegas are beginning to turn to the all day long buffet is so they can attract people to there gaming properties and keep them there longer and more often. If a customer buys an all day buffet pass they will go to that property not only for breakfast but will also return for lunch and dinner. Each time a customer returns to the casinos property to eat (If they even leave) there is a greater chance the customer will spend some time gambling.

All Day Long Buffets In Las VegasThe following casinos in Las Vegas offer all day long buffets and many more Las Vegas casinos may add the all day buffet to there line up if it proves popular.


Monday Thru Friday $29.99 (adults) $17.99 (Kids)

Weekend $34.99 (Adults) $17.99 (Kids)

The Luxor all day buffet is from 7 AM to 10 PM. You will have 15 hours to cram three buffet meals into your belly. If you purchase an all day buffet pass at the Luxor you can add on unlimited beer and wine all day long for only $10 more.



Excalibur only has one price listed. For $29.99 you can gorge yourself on there buffet all day long. You can eat the breakfast buffet, the lunch, buffet, and the dinner buffet for $29.99.


Week Days $19.99

Friday $24.99

Weekend $24.99

The Stratosphere all day buffet is cheap. Even on Fridays and the weekend when the buffet is $5.00 more it is still a great value. Friday is there seafood buffet so you can enjoy all of there seafood as long as your belly is not ready to blow after you breakfast and lunch buffet at the Stratosphere.

MGM Grand

Monday Thru Thursday $29.99

Friday and weekends $39.99

If you like buffets but consider three Las Vegas buffets a day to be overkill then look for coupons. You can find many 2 for 1 buffet coupons for various Las Vegas buffets.

I expect the all day Las Vegas buffets to be popular with the medical marijuana smokers. You may not want to eat the all day buffet everyday. If you spend 7 days in Las Vegas and eat the buffet each day you will be eating 21 buffets. That is a lot of food. You can however eat the all day buffet every other day.

The all day buffet is not for everybody for the right person it is can be a great value. If the casinos can get more people into there gaming property and spend a long amount of time there because of the all day buffets then you will probably see many more casinos offering an all day buffet in the near future.