Do you value good health? Do you enjoy being active? Do you want to maintain your good health and active lifestyle.  Well, one great way to improve or maintain your healthy lifestyle is to consume more garlic.  Yes, eat more garlic, even though it is hard to chop and has a strong odor.  Garlic has many health benefits. It has been long known in ancient times for its medicinal and healthy benefits.

Garlic was first cultivated in Central Asia and the Middle East over 5,000 years ago. From there its use spread to the Mediterranean Europe where Egyptians consumed large amounts in their daily diet for enhanced strength and endurance.  Roman emperors even consumed large amounts of garlic because they believed it would help fight poisons.

Garlic has been referenced by Aristole, Hippocrates and other ancient figures for its medicinal qualities.  It was used to treat infections, lack of energy,headaches, ailments and high blood pressure to name a few.  And, since garlic has such a great reputation for curing health problems from so long ago within their bodies, this is a herb that should become a part of our daily diets as well.

Garlic is a part of the Allium family which includes shallots, onions, chives and leeks.  They are grown in bulbs and divided into small cloves.  When the cloves of the garlic are crushed, chewed, bruised or chopped, its cell walls will break, causing the release of an enzyme called alliinase.  Alliinase will come into contact with alliin and convert into the chemical allicin.  Allicin is a powerful antibiotic that helps the body to cease the growth of germs and their reproduction.  It is also the reason garlic has such a strong odor once it is chopped.

The benefits of garlic certainly outweigh its smell.  Below is a list of the many benefits of being a regular garlic eater:

1. Helps regulate your blood sugar levels.

2. Helps build up your body's defenses against allergies.

3. Kills and expels parasites from our bodies.

4. Helps to increase bile production.

5. Lowers your blood pressure.

6. It is a good cold medication and decongestant.

7. Reduces triglycerides.

8. Stimulates the immune system and can protect the body against many types of bacterial and viral attacks.

9. Prevents and relieves chronic bronchitis.

10. Thins blood which can protect against heart disease and prevent embolism.

11.  Two or more servings of garlic a week may help protect against colon cancer.

12. Substances found in garlic may help to stop the growth of cancer cells once they develop.

13. Garli contains germanium which is an anticancer agent.  Garlic has more germanium than any other herb.  In order to take advantage of garlic's anticancer activity, it is important to take care in how you prepare the garlic.  Once the garlic is chopped or crushed,  anticancer compounds form.  If you chop the garlic, then place it in hot oil, the anticancer properties are not as strong and little to no benefits remain.  It is best that once garlic is chopped, let it sit for 10-15 minutes to allow the anticancer compounds to form.

14. It can retard tumor growth.

The above list should be enough to convince you to include more garlic into your diets.  It is inexpensive, accessible and healthy in so many ways.  So, run to the grocery store and stock up on garlic.  There are many ways to include them into your diet. So, what are you waiting for ?  Chop, chop chop! the garlic!


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