It is truly amazing about how people can simply write words down and then make a living off of it. With the power of a laptop, the Internet, and Google we can make a lot of money writing. Over the last few years I have written a lot of articles. If I could have kept all of these articles for myself I would be sitting in my condo at Aspen waiting for my chauffeur to come and pick me up and drive me to the airport so I could fly to Paris for the week (First class of course). Unfortunately I had to sell most of the articles for up-front pay so I could pay my bills. I do not have a regular job. Writing articles, blog posts, and forum posting is my job. This is what I do but I would love to have some benefits right now.

In the past people had to chisel onto rocks or gold scrolls and then we as a civilization moved on to writing with a feather and birds blood. Technology then rapidly grew and eventually we got this really cool tool called a typewriter. No offense to the typewriter but it is much faster to type on my laptop. I can carry my laptop with my everywhere I go and write articles anywhere I go. If I write enough articles then I can become very successful at this.

Like A Phoenix rising from the ashes, I will get my new InfoBarrel account here paying me out money faster than my old account did. Ok, it may have been a bit over-dramatic to say that about the Phoenix rising from the ashes but I feel motivated as heck right now. The problem is keeping this motivation going. One of the more intrinsic things that people gloss over is how strong their ability is to focus on a single subject. As a bi-polar person I an even more prone to getting off track and looking at other business opportunities. The one thing I know I need to do is to focus on writing for myself and publishing it here on InfoBarrel. It is great fun for me to build and sell WordPress sites and to do a multitude of other activities but my days will be spent working at writing articles for my clients and then writing a few for myself.

I know how successful people can be here on InfoBarrel and I hope my future InfoBarrel earnings reports show that rapidly rising trend of my earnings rising drastically between now and in the near future as I continue to add articles to my account here. All I need is my laptop to earn money online.