Who would have thought that the post-punk band DEVO could spur someone to writing success on Infobarrel? Me! Creating a steady passive income online is not an easy process and for many people sticking to a daily schedule of writing with little or no pay becomes a real challenge. It is easy to become distracted by upfront pay sites or fly-by-night companies promising Internet riches. Do not let this happen to you! Take a time-out and pop on some DEVO records and draw some inspiration to keep waging the war. An Energy Dome will help, too!

Duty Now For the Future

DEVO's second album title most succinctly captures what could easily be the motto for InfoBarrel writers. Think about it for a minute: Duty Now For the Future. This is true on multiple levels both for the long-term and short-term writing game. The road of toil that some writers can never seem to journey down is the road to success. It takes immediate actions now that will provide future results in the following year and for each year thereafter. A commonly seen, but more drawn out version of the same idea: Do for a year what most others won't and you can do for a lifetime what most others can't! How true is this? Very! Imagine working tirelessly for a year straight writing and promoting articles and building up to $1000 or more in passive income. Think of the future vacations, debt-free lifestyle, earlier retirement, a new car or just paying college tuition. So many people struggle with these things, but a strong work ethic can overcome anything.

Along with the long-term plan for duty comes the short-term plan. Try to envision how your writing will hold up over time. Evergreen articles are best. These articles will stay relevant and provide you with earnings for years to come. It takes articles time to age and rise in the rankings so it is important to plan at least four to six months out. Got some brilliant Valentine's Day keywords or ideas? Great! Start writing those articles in September. This will give them a chance to be indexed, backlinked, and promoted in time for the big February push. This, too, is taking advantage of the Duty Now For the Future concept.

Ask any successful writer on InfoBarrel and he or she will tell you that one of the most frustrating things about being a content writer is convincing others that it works. Let's face facts, most people are lazy and seek immediate gratification. Some will post ten or twenty articles in a month or two and not earn anything right away and quit. This is an incredibly big mistake. The road to earning $100 a month and more on InfoBarrel is one that requires a slow and steady stream of articles and constant work. Any writer that believes in the work now for future benefit idea will succeed. There are many great InfoBarrel success stories.

Finding the motivation and desire comes first, but some tools to succeed will help keep a person committed. The Keyword Academy is one of the most successful programs on the Internet for helping content writers build niche sites or find the best keywords to create articles that pay. One of the key themes stressed on that site is the concept of working for next year. Do not expect immediate results, but endure. Mark and Court at TKA do a great job at helping people leverage today's work into future profits, but only for those that can last through the first dry year. It is little wonder that they have many devoted students now making $1000 or more a month.

Freedom of Choice

Devo Freedom of ChoiceDEVO continues to inspire. You truly do have a freedom of choice. DEVO's third album reminds you that you have the ability to choose success if you want it. Before Gary Vaynerchuk chose to Crush It! DEVO was telling society to Whip It! In just a few lines this classic song can get anyone motivated. Forget the past, Duty Now For the Future. Think of the lyrics and just write: "Crack that whip / give the past the slip." You can't control many of the things that transpired in the past, but you can lay new and exciting groundwork for the future: Now whip it / Into shape / Shape it up / Get straight / Go forward / Move ahead / Try to detect it / It's not too late / To whip it / Whip it good. The best time to start writing on InfoBarrel was yesterday, the second best time is today! You are never too old. There are college students as well as retired men and women all carving out a brighter future for themselves and their families by creating a steady stream of passive income. WHIP IT!

Granted, this article is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but the message is sound. If DEVO can't inspire you then take your inspiration from wherever. It may come from your family or a mentor. Use that inspiration and commit to writing. InfoBarrel is a great place to be a successful writer and there are many, many writers performing well here. Read the forums and learn how InfoBarrel's 75% adsense share, which can become as high as 90%, is one of the best deals in the world of online content writing. Friendly and responsive administrators who communicate with members are another reason to join. If you do not have an account you can JOIN FOR FREE. You do not have to be a computer expert or seasoned journalist. Every person has a story to tell and unique experiences that usually make them well versed in a few subjects like cooking, plumbing, automotive repair, or childcare. Familiar topics are a great place to start. Members are always willing to share tips and techniques and it does not take long to feel like an old pro. Stick with it. Don't worry about what family or friends think of the idea. It is a proven business model. Just start writing today for a brighter future tomorrow.