Christmas Wishes 

Remember the popular song from the late 1940s about the kid whose only gift wish for Christmas was to get his two front teeth? Nowadays, with the advancement in cosmetic dentistry, that little tyke could get his unusual wish and so could anyone else hoping to get a new set of pearly-whites. A set of teeth would be considered a unique Christmas gift, but so could any one of the following gift ideas. 


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Magazine Subscription 

An unexpected but wonderful gift idea for someone would be a one-year subscription to their favorite magazine. Every month, when the magazine arrives, the gift recipient will be reminded of you and just how thoughtful you are. Imagine how you would feel if someone gave you a year subscription to your favorite magazine. 

Tickets to a Concert or Theater Production 

If you have a special person on your list who would love to see a particular concert or play, give them two tickets to that event. Tickets to a special event would be a great gift for a couple, if they are close friends, you might even think about purchasing tickets for you and your spouse and joining them at the event! 

Personal Music CD 

Create a CD of a person’s favorite music or artist. Create a special theme CD, such as love songs, country music, or a dance mix. Have fun and make it personal. 

Dessert of the Month Club 

The Dessert of the Month Club delivers a new variety of gourmet desserts monthly, from decadent and delicious cakes and cookies to incredible pastries and more. Each month the beneficiary of your generosity will receive a generous shipment of delectable desserts. The Dessert of the Month Club offers 3, 6, and 12-month clubs and a Dessert of the Season Club with new selections each spring, summer, fall and winter.

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Gym Membership 

Do you know someone who loves to workout but can’t afford to purchase a gym membership? Give them a 1, 3, or 6 month membership to your favorite gym. If the person on your list is really special, you may even think about giving them a one-year membership. Who knows, the person who receives this gift may even get you to go with them! 

Teeth Whitening 

Now this is quite a unique gift! If you know someone who has always wanted teeth whitening, you can make that dream come true! 

Photo DVD 

Put favorite photographs on a DVD and add special music. Use photos from a person’s childhood through adulthood, and then add a few of their all-time favorite songs. Include all the special occasions of a person’s life. You can even coordinate the music to fit the occasion. For instance, when displaying photos from a person’s wedding, you can add the song that the couple first danced to as husband and wife. 

Cooking Lessons 

This is a wonderful gift for a newlywed couple or someone who just wants to learn how to cook, or how to cook better. If you happen to be an amazing cook, you can give your time and talent as a cooking instructor for one or more lucky individuals. If you don’t have the time to teach someone, you could give them a cooking lesson DVD, that way the person can watch it over and over again.

1-Year Amusement Park Pass 

Do you have someone special on your list who just loves amusement parks? Give them a 1-year pass and they will enjoy your gift every time they visit the park. A favorite in Southern California is Disneyland, that special person on your list can enjoy the magical kingdom every day for an entire year! You can also purchase a limited park pass for less. 

Dance Lessons 

Learning how to waltz or tango is quite an unusual gift for the person who has “two left feet” or for someone who just loves to dance! The gift could be lessons at a dance studio or for an instructor to travel to a person’s residence for lessons. 

Bi-Weekly House Cleaning Services for 3, 6, or 12 Months 

We all know someone who could benefit from a cleaning service. This is an especially thoughtful gift for couples who both work outside the home and have children; they are often so tired at the end of the day that the last thing they want to do is clean. 


Create a special scrapbook with cherished photos, mementoes, and memories for a special friend or family member.  Include bright and beautiful scrapbook pages with lots of keepsakes.

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A Day of Pampering at the Spa 

Give someone special an entire day of pampering from their head down to their toes. A relaxing day at the spa can help rejuvenate the person who is known to be a workaholic or the person who always puts others before themselves.  This would be a wonderful gift for your spouse, and then you could join him or her and make it a couple’s day at the spa. 

A Weekend at Your Vacation Timeshare

Many people own vacation timeshares that they don’t always use, allowing someone to use your timeshare for a weekend is a wonderful way to give a unique gift and get some use out of your timeshare! If you don’t want to give someone a weekend, and your timeshare has more than one bedroom, you can invite one or more people to spend a weekend or week with you at your vacation timeshare. 


Give someone the gift of your time by doing something special for them. Help around the house and/or take a person out for coffee or a meal. Give someone a ride to a medical appointment or several appointments. Visit someone once a week, monthly or bi-monthly. Ask a person what they need and then find a way to help them. Give someone one of the best gifts you can give, your time. 

Donation to a Charitable Organization 

This is one of the best and most selfless gifts you can give to anyone, even yourself! Give a donation of any amount to the favorite charitable organization of the gift recipient (in their name) and then send them a card with all the information. You can do this for every person on your Christmas list. 

 "All I Want for Christmas . . ." 

What do you want for Christmas?

More Unique Options

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