Christmas Good Night's SleepAccording to a survey done in October 2009, 35% wish to have a gift that helps them get a good night's sleep. The findings also stated that out of the 35% participants, 27% would stop social networking for a year while 28% would rather have a lifetime of great sleep than a great sex life or even an unlimited supply of chocolate. 31% of men were more likely to choose a lifetime of great sleep verses 25% of women.

The National Sleep Foundation did a poll in 2002 and found that 74% of adult Americans experienced a sleep problem, while 37% showed signs of narcolepsy due to sleep deprivation. So it doesn't surprise me that many people are asking Santa for sleep related gifts. If you are out there shopping on Black Friday and you don't know what to give your sleepless partner, friend or relative here are 20 sleep gift ideas:

1. A White Noise Machine

2. Sleep Music

3. Sleep Mask or Ear Plugs

4. Memory Foam Mattress Topper

5. Memory Foam Mattress Pillow/ Hops or Lavender filled pillow

6. All Natural Sheet Sets or Comforters

7. Gift Card at a Mattress Store

8. Humidifier

9. Tea Set with Sleepytime decaf tea or Chamomile

10. Comfy non-constrictive pajamas

11. An IOU to babysit the kids overnight

12. A Boring Book or one related to sleep

13. Relaxing Lavender Bath Salts

14. Melatonin or other Herbal Supplement that aides sleep

15. Foods that are rich in Tryptophan and natural sleep aid such as; turkey, tart cherries, seeds, nuts, eggs, cereal and milk

16. A journal to record lucid dreams and sleep habits

17. Self-hypnotic Tapes

18. PearlyDreams Toothpaste

19. Binaural Sound Waves

20. Dreamate acupressure device or a Snore Stopper (both worn on the wrist)

These gifts can range as low as a couple dollars to as much as $600+ for a king size memory foam mattress topper. If you do decide on a memory foam mattress topper make sure it has a terry cloth cover. The terry cloth cover will help circulate the air between the topper and the person's body which will keep them cooler.

Sleep aides may help someone to sleep easier, but will not cure a chronic sleep disorder like sleep apnea. If the sleeplessness persists over a period of time it is advisable to see a physician as he may recommend a sleep specialist. Sleep apnea is usually determined through an overnight sleep study and requires treatment with a CPAP machine.