Bodybuilding is a science combined with weight lifting and raw food diet, which will produce the ultimate body.

Muscle training and sculpting is done in a natural form, not with the abuse or any use of substances such as testosterone treatments or steroids, which can cause havoc on your immune system.

A very structured raw food diet which will feed the entire system, a strict and regular weight training routine and respect for yourself and your body is needed to be a successful, natural bodybuilder.

There are competitions all over the world, and it is hard to find one that will allow a body builder to compete that is not a "natural bodybuilder". It can be difficult to prove, but if that competitor is caught, he or she will lose all they have worked for. Harmful substances used by the bodybuilders are looked down upon by the healthy majority who are all Natural Bodybuilders.

There is a risk that the drug-induced bodybuilder may be competing against you if they have not been identified and disqualified.

Because you are going an all-natural method of bodybuilding, it is necessary to train extremely hard to reach the level of someone that is using anabolic steroids or hormone treatments. It is recommended that you keep a detailed log of each workout to make sure you are getting an optimum workout.

Goals are extremely important to the success of an all natural raw food bodybuilder. When you make a goal, this gives your something specific to strive for. Make goals that are short term for immediate results and long term to work towards. These goals needed to be written down and read on a daily basis.

A natural bodybuilder needs to concentrate on the entire body. You need to not only focus on your legs, arms and shoulders, which are the most visible areas of growth, but you need to also focus on your core, your legs and back. You need to have a balance or you will not look natural.

You will be able to gain much satisfaction and reward knowing that you have accomplished your goals by using an all natural bodybuilding and diet program and hard work. You will not have cheated like so many bodybuilders who will later regret their tragic decision.