For those who want to join in the green craze and get health products that are less intrusive on the environment, there are a number of different all natural products and ingredients that allow you to enjoy organic smells in addition to organic produce. You can find both male and female deodorants and antiperspirants with these eco-friendly materials, though they may be at stores that are less close than your nearby grocery store or pharmacy. While there is no proof that the chemicals within a deodorant stick or spray are deliberately harmful to the skin, brain, organs, or overall health, some people simply prefer to do it without additives. If you are one of those, here are some tips for you.

Get Deodorant With Natural Scents

When you stroll down an aisle and look for men's deodorant or antiperspirant for women, some of the first things you may notice are the ridiculous names attached to the sticks. Ocean Breeze, Forest Tranquility, Adrenaline Surge, and Tango in Paris are all titles that cause the imagination to flutter at the thought of how everyone will comment on your scent. Most of these smells, however, are concocted and tested in a laboratory without actually bringing in an ocean breeze. Natural scents that cloak the smell of your pits and sweaty skin include witch hazel, a flowering plant that has long been used in North America for its soothing balm properties. Witch hazel is harvested from shrubs and will shrink down the pores in your skin without a single shred of synthetic materials.

All Natural Oil

When one thinks of oil, the mind usually jumps to the black tar substance found underneath derricks and in the Middle East. There are many different types of oil, however, and most of them are produced by animals or plants. While animal oil will not leave you smelling better (just the opposite, in fact) the oils produced by plants are great for cloaking the scent of your long day at the gym. Natural oils derived from plants and used in deodorants include rosemary, lemongrass, tea tree, and sage oils. These will root out and kill the bacteria that are common in sweat so that an intense basketball game will not leave you reeking like road kill.

Get Mineral Deposits Without the Deposits

The ingredients in some deodorants appear to be similar to a list of slag from a mine. Aluminum and potassium alum seem like they would be better in a car than an antiperspirant. There are ways to naturally get these metals, however, through deodorants that have mineral salts. Mineral salts are harvested in the same way that regular salt is harvested, but would taste terrible (and be quite harmful to your health) if consumed. When applied to sweaty skin, however, the aluminum within these salts goes straight to work by creating a layer over the skin so that the bacteria cannot form. You still sweat and heat still escapes, but it comes out with much less odor and does not harm the skin.

All Natural Women's and Men's Deodorant