Now that dog collars have entered the world of designer fashion, there's no limit to the type available internationally. Pets Palace are leaders in the field. The Australian-based company can supply matching collars and leads, some in diamante, others in more conventional textures. Dog walking belts and harnesses are available for pets that pull.

And for those that like to be colourful, collars come in spotty pink, brown stripes, nylon and denim.
Pets Palace publish their own web-based magazine, called Woof. A contributor to its letters page is a little British black rescue dog called Suzie Cairn who lives on the other side of the world. Google images show Suzie sitting in the garden of her home in Kent, England.

Bran McCool's collar

The Irish wolfhound is the world's largest breed of dog and these beasts need mighty big dog collars. Traditionally, the most aristocratic breed of all, wolfhounds used to be given as presents to kings, chieftains and emperors.

According to the Irish Wolfhound Society, Fionn McCool tne legendary Irish chieftain had 300 fully-grown hounds and 200 puppy hounds. His favourite was a majestic beast called Bran who wore a collar of precious metals. Providing collars for the rest of his pack must have cost the chieftain a fortune. If he were around today, they certainly would.

Monster collars for monster dogs...

One company specialising in exclusive hand-cut designer collars for Irish wolfhounds is called Around the Hounds. Their choice ranges from soft leather collars suitable for the youngest puppy to huge, strong collars to fit the most majestic of these former warrior dogs. The company's Swarovski collars come in turquoise blossom, colourful layered grosgrain, stripes and these's even a forget-me-not design. The webbing is lined and wrapped in satin so that nothing is exposed to rub or chafe these very sensitive necks.

.. and titchy collars for teeny weenies

At the other end of the scale some dog collars are so tiny they would swamp the average cat. But teeny-weeny pooches have just as much choice in design and textiles as their larger counterparts. They too can have their share of sparkly bling. Or they can choose from leather, suede and nylon.

One company, Tails by the Lake, can supply little leather collars animated with glass beads. Glass beads? Let us hope they never enter those tiny mouths and gastro-intestinal systems. If they do, a full scale medical emergency will be on the agenda!

Another novelty collar can be made with the little dog's name in bold print. The pup ID personalised collar might not be to everyone's taste, but it still looks pretty dramatic.