If you have been hearing a lot about Wu-Yi Tea lately, then it is not by accident or coincidence. It became known, pretty recently, that Oprah has Wu Yi (Green) tea listed under her snacks section on her website. This has spawned a bit of a craze regarding the nutritional benefits, and potential weight loss benefits, of the tea.

In reality, the tea itself has never been proven to actually help with fat loss. Despite many sellers claiming otherwise, Wu Yi Tea (also known as Oolong Tea) contains some natural caffeine which often acts as a metabolic stimulant. What the sites claim is that they themselves own some 'secret' concoction that will help you burn fat more regularly and readily.

But the truth is that no such formula or tea exists that will do what is claimed. Wu-Yi Tea is really just a cousin to green and black tea, which both contain natural caffeine as well. In essence, Wu-Yi Tea is no more effective at weight loss than green or black tea. And if the this supposed metabolic enhancer (the only one that the teas contain) is really just natural caffeine, then why drink tea over any other form of 'zero calorie' drink with more caffeine in the mix?

Unfortunately, when it comes to Wu-Yi Tea, there is an old adage that applies appropriately: "If it's too good to be true, then it probably is". In this particular case, however, it would be pretty safe to leave the 'probably' out.

Not to mention, the reason it is listed on Oprah's site is to use it the correct way, as a mild appetite suppressant to be consumed along site a healthy low calorie snack. It isn't like Oprah is sitting on the major weight loss secret everyone has been hoping for and just forgot to mention it while leaving it in relative obscurity in her 'snack list'. Honestly, don't believe the hype and do a little research before spending your hard earned money on Wu-Yi tea that can be had at a fraction of the price at the local supermarket.

Wu Yi tea is a great and flavorable tea, but it is definitely not a miracle worker.