When it comes to bathroom sink units, you really need to find the perfect item for your bathroom. There are several things you have to consider: size, color, material, storage space and the number of sinks you need.

If you only have a small bathroom, then you should buy some contemporary piece of furniture: simple, clean lines and compact design. A lot of people think that, since they have very little space inside the bathroom, they should buy some bathroom sink units in light colors. Well, that’s not a rule: you can get any color you want, as long as it doesn’t take too much space. You can find a lot of small bathroom sink units with storage, which you can fit in the tiniest space. Choosing not to install sink units is really not a solution. You have a lot of items you need to store: soaps, shampoos, antiperspirants, makeup, hairbrushes and more. If you don’t have at least some drawers inside the bathroom you’ll end up letting all that stuff spread around, looking really messy. For example, some wall hung bathroom sinks that are black look amazing in a small bathroom, especially if you have white tiles on the walls and on the floor. This classic and elegant combination of colors – white and black – will transform your bathroom in a very stylish one. In the same time, you’ll have some storage space that will help you to keep your classy bathroom tidy and neat.


How To Maintain Wooden Bathroom Sink Units

Wooden bathroom sink units certainly look great. There is something about wood that makes us love it. It’s warm, it’s natural and give you the sensation you are at a luxurious spa. So, it’s only natural if you dream abut some bathroom sink units made of wood. However, when shopping for such items, you need to be very carful about a lot of things. Wood and humidity don’t make the perfect match. This is why you should buy units made of hard essence wood – they are the only ones that can work in a bathroom. If you can find some oak bathroom sink units for sale, for example, go for it. Oak is a great wood for bathrooms. It looks amazing and it’s hardwood, meaning that it’s dense enough to take some water, if you keep it properly. When you are shopping around for wooden bathroom sink units, make sure you ask the seller or the manufacturer about the method used to waterproof the wood. There are different substances that, once impregnated inside the wood, will protect it from humidity. Only buy wood bathroom furniture that received some protection treatments against humidity. You can also protect the wooden furniture from your bathroom and make it last longer. First of all, make sure that you open the bathroom window every time after you take a shower or a bath, to get rid of all the excess humidity from the air. Also, you need to wipe the wooden furniture with a dry, soft cloth if you see water drops on it. Buy a wax based cleaning product and polish your wooden bathroom units with it every week. You should check the sink and the water pipes that come in contact with the wooden cabinets and to fix any leaks.


How To Pick Your Bathroom Sink Units

First of all, you need to decide if you want one sink or two sinks. For large families, the bathroom certainly needs two sinks. Then, you should measure carefully the space where you can install the units. You need to consider the height, the width and the length. Make sure you do all the measurements with your bathroom door opened: if not, you risk buying some cabinets, install them only to notice that they are too big and you can only open your door half way. The color is also very important. If you picked a dark color for the tiles from your bathroom, then you should choose some light colors for the bathroom. On the contrary, if the tiles are white or another very light color, pick something darker of very bold for the bathroom sink units: all black or bright red are options you should definitely consider.