Edwardian engagement rings are the pure symbol of luxury and lavishness.  King Edward VII ruled United Kingdom at the beginning of the XX century. It was a period of peace and wealth, known, in Europe, as “Belle Époque” (The Beautiful Era). And it was, indeed, beautiful. The art, architecture and fashion from that period have a flashy, yet traditional beauty. The main characteristics of the Edwardian jewelry are the attention to the details and the richness of decorative elements, such as flowers, hearts, vines or birds. Every Edwardian piece of jewelry is finely chiseled, in a very eye-catchy way. The rings generally have very attractive settings, with filigree alongside the band and beautiful bezels, which emphasize the qualities of the central stone.

 Are Edwardian Engagement Rings Suitable For You?

Well, that’s a very important question. Edwardian engagement rings have personality and very clear characteristics. They spell luxury, even ostentatious luxury. So, if you love to wear glamorous accessories, this is the ring for you. But, if you are a modern lady, and you like to dress casually and to wear simple, discreet accessories, then probably Edwardian engagement rings, with their complicated, eye-catching design, are not the best option for you. Generally, those rings are quite large: not necessarily because of the central stone, mostly because the complicated setting. So, if you have small hands and short fingers, oversized Edwardian engagement rings will probably look a little strange on you. But if you have long fingers, the complex beauty of those rings will perfectly compliment your hands.

 How To Recognize Edwardian Engagement Rings

Those rings are pretty easy to recognize, because they have very precise characteristics. First of all, the metal. The wide majority of Edwardian engagement rings are made of platinum, white gold or silver. The ones made of yellow gold are very rare and thus more expensive. The settings are also easy to identify: they contain stylized flowers, birds and other elements, such as vines, leaves and hearts. Filigree inserts were very popular in the area, while the crown of the rings is generally high. Edwardian engagement rings are completed with a lot of side stones. Those stones generally cover the entire setting of the ring, surrounding the finger with a gold band with gemstones or small diamonds encrusted. Beside the smaller side stones, several accent stones surround the central stone of the rings. Most of the engagement rings from or days contain diamonds, but that wasn’t a rule during Edwardian era. Diamonds started to become popular back then, because the diamond mines from South Africa were at the peak of their activity. So, yes, you can find plenty of Edwardian engagement rings with diamonds. But many of them have other central stones: opals, pearls, rubies or sapphires.

 Edwardian Engagement Rings – Real Antiques Or Replicas?

You can go both ways. Real antiques are generally more expensive then modern replicas, but you get an object that was handcrafted in an exquisite way, by very talented craftsmen. However, they are pretty hard to found. The best chances you have are private collectors, specialized antique shops and auctions. If you are not able to find a vintage engagement ring from the Edwardian period, it doesn’t mean you have to give up on the dream of offering a romantic, beautiful object to your fiancée. Because the style and the design of Edwardian accessories are very appreciated, there are many modern replicas, which have the same quality of the workmanship and extraordinary attention to the details as the real antiques. The price of the replicas is far more affordable then those of the vintage rings, so you can actually afford them. A lot of jewelry stores and online stores do sell replicas of Edwardian engagement rings. All you have to do is finding the exact model that your fiancée likes best. You shouldn’t buy her one, unless you are absolutely certain it is her style. Just follow the clues. If she is a very elegant person, who wears classy, expensive clothes and eye-catching jewelry, then Edwardian style totally suits her. On the contrary, if she prefers very discreet accessories, don’t get her a very elaborate engagement ring. Still unsure about what she would like? Ask for the opinion of one of her best friends or of a female family member.