Everything is high tech anymore, so why not seek all the infomation before getting a dog? Most often times, we are ill prepared when we acquire a dog which can raise havoc with the dog and family members too. It is not right to see a dog, think he is cute and take him or her home calling it a smart event. No, I am not belittling you if you did that, but let us get smarter with the technical infomation channels we have at out finger tips. You are on the right track by reading this as a beginning.

In the last 2 months, I have written over 40 dog breed articles, giving me some real in sight on this subject. I not only do this for the dog that might be brought into an inappropriate home, but I list the considerations so you will be content in selecting the right dog for you and your family.

1. Take a look at the expense of the initial cost of the dog. In the present economy, you could very well find a dog breed in a rescue site. There are hundreds of those sites on the web. The animal rescue site is easily found and is available to everyone.

When I first began my searches about dog breeds, I came across some people asking if they had to have a disability to acquire a dog from an animal rescue site. The pets on these rescue sites, need a second chance at life in a loving, secure home. They are open for adoption by anyone who can fill the needs of the dog or other animal you want to adopt through those numerous rescue sites.

2. What kind of environment does the dog need? Does it need a big yard or at least some room to roam a little or a lot? Is it able to just have a brisk daily walk and can you provide that exercise and surroundings for your new family member?

The climate might be a factor to consider when contemplating getting a dog. Some dog breeds do not do well in hot to moderately hot climates. Unless you will be moving to accommodate the needs of the breed dog you choose, don't select that dog breed.

3. Dogs often need some discipline. Especially when they are young or just being welcomed into a new environment. Some dogs need someone to be the boss, so the dog does not end up being the head of the household. Gentleness along with caring persistance work better than scolding. Some breeds actually change behavior if scolded or hit.

I personally think dogs should not be hit. Canines can be sheepish, shy and also don't mingle well with family members and strangers if they are abused, spanked or other physical reprimanding.

4. Grooming, shedding and all the necessary things to keep a dog well also need to be condsidered when thinking about which dog you will be allowing in your home as a valued pet.

Several breeds need some sort of attention to keep the coat and skin in good condition. This attention will keep the shedding to a minimum in some dogs. Shampooing, brushing, ear care, toe nail clipping and trimming of excess hair might need to be on the list of things to ask about a particular breed you are thinking about owning. If you cannot do these things successfully, you will be paying someone to groom your dog.

5. What age person will be intermingling with the dog of your choice is so relavant before bringing a dog home. Some dogs are actually bred to be fine companions to older , more mature adults rather than children.

It could be the general playfulness of a dog that can accidently bump into a toddler and hurt the child or create in them a fear of dogs for life. Look at the mix or pure bred blood lines to look deep into the dog you will be trusting in your home.

6. Energy level is a trait to look at carefully when considering your dog, family member.

7. Lifespan of the dog could be a factor to think about.

To me it is only when an animal is sick or dying that they are not wonderful. Lifespan for certain breeds differs greatly, so be prepared to know you might not have them forever.

8. General place of the dog in your life is to be on the list of things to think about too.

If you go off to work each day and leave the dog alone, will that dog be causing damage because you are gone fir more than 8 hours. If your work requires you to travel, the dog will likely need boarding, a person to come to your home for the dog care or other provisions you will continually be making.

9. Temperament of the dog either showcases a canine or brings you to your knees.

Some breed dogs are gentle, docile while others are needing to be true to their breed of hunting or digging, barking at the moon or some other trait they have in their blood.

10. Will you be the owner the dog needs? Will you remember to feed it, give it fresh water every day as well as prevent severe illness by proper veterinarian care and unforeseen abnormalities might be affects on your life as a dog owner too.