The Power of Love

Healing through self-awareness and introspection

How many of you feel the world pushing in on you from all sides?  How many feel the heartbreak and failures of a unfulfilled life?  You are not alone, millions of people feel like somewhere they missed the boat and ended up on an uncharted desert isle.  The good news is with one decision your entire life can change, your life can  generate  massive opportunities and not keeping you downtrodden and distraught.  That decision is entirely up to you; have you finally reached the point where you scream like a psychotic Popeye The Sailor Man, "that's all i can stands I can't stands no more!"  Once you have reached this point in an individual's life, an immediate action must be taken that cements the decision to the universe at large, like eating a can of spinach to blast Brutus, waking up infinite intelligence to recognize that this one is serious about changing his existence, and then the universe begins to move on your behalf.  That defiant act of saying that you have reached the end of your rope and you won't stand for it anymore triggers something deep inside of you to break you out of complacency into action.

Action is the result of your thoughts, everything you do triigers  a thought of doing it beforehand.  Every great thing has been created in the mind before it ever has appeared  in  three dimensional reality.   Here is where it gets tricky because once you are thinking the right way then you begin acting the right way while behind-the-scenes pieces out of your awareness are locking into place to aid you in reaching that desired result.  As long as you fix your thoughts on what you want to carry out, the mechanisms of getting there really don't matter because you have decided to get it done regardless of any obstacle in your path.  A definite purpose will burn within you like a hot want and it will be as if your steps are being laid out before you as you take them.  One step leads to another in the right time and the right place when you take the first one.  Persistence of putting one foot in front of the other will get you to your goal 100% of the time.  Once you have reached the point of no return your results are inevitable and it all starts with you.

One of the most powerful emotions you can show is LOVE.  You can give and receive it, the more you radiate out, the more comes back.  This also works for negative emotions like HATE.  Positive vibrations attach to other positive vibrations and like a magnet bring them right back to you stronger and more plentiful.  This is a universal law that what you put out you get back almost as if a mirror was bouncing back your thoughts, emotions, and actions at a larger amount then what you sent out.  Most people stay asleep when it comes to the simple things that affect their lives which they bring upon themselves through the negative emotional frequencies they radiate out to the universal mirror which can only bounce back to them the same emotions stronger and more plentiful.

But good news is here for salvation of all people, a healing process called ho'opono pono, the ancient art of reconciliation and forgiveness, teaches the way to the cleansing of negative emotions.  Dr Joe Vitale, a noted internet guru, began chasing after the practitioner of this healing art form many years ago.  The road was long and twisted but once Joe got to his destination he was able to bring back the information he shares within his book Zero Limits.  This Hawaiian art of healing dates back to ancient times when Christian missionaries were visiting the ethnic groups that existed on the Polynesian Islands.  Miracles have occurred after utilizing these ancient techniques by cleansing the inside of ourselves of memories, notably bad memories which we keep playing over and over with the same disastrous results.

Dr  Ihalekala Hew Len, the healer that Dr Vitale sought out, learned these ways by another great shamanic woman who was adept at healing others of their afflictions by cleansing herself.  The cleansing is internal because all things only exist within you, if your life has something bad in it or happening through it, you are bringing it into your existence within.  There is no outer reality only what we perceive from the inside is true reality.  This tends to blow one's mind when really meditated upon.  No outside world means all conflicts we face are only projections of our own mental processes and conjured up within ourselves.  War, disease, crime, and other maladies of human experience are all manifestations of our own internal thoughts and desires.  So to cure what is "outside" which has come into our life experience we must cleanse what is "inside" to heal the bothersome influences of what is "outside".

How do we do this?  Simple words repeated over and over like a mantra while dwelling or meditating upon that which you do not wish to have continue in your life.  For if all is within then the cure is within.  Dr Len would take files from inmates in a criminally insane hospital ward and speak over their files for them to get better.  Over and over again he cleansed himself because that which he was experiencing was reacting to his memories and processes.  The simple words used were  I'm Sorry, Please Forgive Me, I Love You, and Thank You.  After doing this they were "cured" of their criminal behaviors and the entire ward of the hospital  shut down.  The book Zero Limits chronicles the journey from Dr Len's arrival as a worker in the ward to its closure because there was no longer a need for the employees for there were no longer any criminally insane patients.  Simple words spoken over the charts of the patients by Dr Len and they got better almost instantly.  He never even met the patients face-to-face, he just meditated over their charts.  A miracle that no one can explain but the truth of the matter is the ward closed down because there was no longer a need for it to exist.

Simple words.  Healing words.  Try them out on everything that is inside of your awareness.  See how this miracle can happen for you.  Heal your memories, programs that are still running that continue to cause chaos, and the outer world changes because it's all a projected  perception by your mind.  The words again for you to repeat to your mind, body, and spirit.  I'm Sorry, Please Forgive Me, I Love You, and Thank You.