Do you always pause a minute to see the beautiful body butter pampered skin of celebrities on television? Do you love the lush feeling of body butter on your own skin? If yes then read this article as you will find out just how easy it is to use these products and how much improvement they will bring to your skin.

Yes we are going to talk about beautiful skin and the use of body butter on your skin to make it look as beautiful as ever. To start with we will see what this butter is all about, then how it is made and then the various products that are made from it to make anyone's skin glow with radiance.

What is Body Butter

This is a kind of cream or lotion or to put it simply a kind of smooth paste which is used by women all over the world to help hydrate their skin. Not necessary this is used on the face only, it can be used on hands, legs, feet and entire body. It is a kind of moisturizer and hence will restore the lost moisture from your skin. People with dry skin can use to revitalize their skin and prevent it from cracking and flaking. It is called butter because it has very little water content in it. Now you may wonder how it is a moisturizer and still does not have water in it. The answer to this will come in the next section which explains the making of body butter.

How is Body Butter made

Body butter is usually made from the oil extracted from fruits, seeds, nuts and many more natural oil producing fruits. The oil is the basic substance and making of the butter is started with that. The process includes grinding of the nuts or the seeds in such a way that it releases its oils. Some nuts can even be cooked to help release more oil because of the heat. This oil forms a basic element and henceforth is mixed with many other substances. These substances could include flower oils, essential oils, fragrant scents in the raw form and much more. All this is mixed really well to form a paste. This paste is treated with certain preservatives which are good for skin and hence the butter is ready for use.

Products Made of Body Butter

Body Butter is not always kept in a thick consistency like butter. It is used as a basic ingredient for many more products like body creams, lotions, under eye creams, manicure lotions, etc. the basic aim of these creams and lotions is hydration of the skin which has become dry due to weather, intense heat exposure or anything. These creams might have an amount of chemical preservatives in them which can be harmful for the body but you can also get completely natural creams and lotions. The lotions are more in the liquid form and can be rubbed on skin very easily. They being thin in consistency will be soaked by the skin easier that butter.

Main Advantages of Using Body Butter

The main advantage of using body butter is for nourishment of skin and hydrating it so that it does not cut or bruise easily. The skin is a thin layer over the body and needs moisture to stay intact. When a person lives in extreme cold climates all the moisture from the skin starts reducing and hence the skin can get cracked or starts flaking. Body butter can be used regularly to help minimize this and form a protective layer above the skin. This protective layer will not allow the moisture from the skin to escape in the air and neither will the excess heat or cold affect the body. This layer also will protect one from dirt and duct to enter the skin and create damage.

Another advantage of some of the natural body butter products is that they have skin whitening elements. These elements will help reduce the melanin in your skin under layers and hence make it look fairer. Some of these products are used in the night time as they can be oily and not make one look good when wearing it on face and body. When applied at night the skin will absorb the butter and hence make a much better effect on the skin. These butters are usually termed as night creams.

Fruits Used for Making Body Butter

From strawberries to cranberries, from mango to grapefruit, mostly all fruits have skin vitalizing vitamins in them. These fruits are used in making various body and skin products which are termed as natural products. Body butter has also got these various flavors and scents in it and you can get a huge variety of these butters in the market. You can select from the very cleansing orange butter or the skin hydrating cranberry butter. The colors of these butters are also the color of the fruit and hence make a handsome and attractive product to buy. You can even find coconut body butter on the market which is very good for skin of the face and fingers and toes.

Prices of Body Butter

The various body butter products which are available in the market have varying price ranges. The prices can start from 5 dollars to 50 dollars depending on how naturally made they are. You can get Shea butter body creams and lotions made from Shea nuts and they are quite cheap. The better known brand the higher the price will be but that is basically a normal thing that goes for everything. However when selecting a product for yourself make sure you buy the best because you are worth this extra skin care.

Test the product on your skin with a sample if provided and this will tell you if you have any allergy towards a fruit or nut. Use only the most natural products to avoid side effects. Some websites on the internet will also teach you how to make these butters and creams at home. There are various recipes published on the internet. Body butter can be used on all parts of the body and especially in the winter it is a great way to protect your skin from drying out.