The trouble that comes with chronic constipation is quite a big problem to many. It not only disintegrates your overall well-being but affects even your mindset. In fact, this disorder has quite a number of definitions amongst people e.g. Form infrequent bowel movement for weeks to straining in passing stool. Chronic constipation unlike acute constipation lasts longer and can best be described as stool frequency which is less than three times per week and lasts several months.

The facts and myths

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Starting with the most talked about myths, here is what some people assume chronic constipation to be or causes. They believe it’s abnormal not having one bowel movement at least a day, less than five bowel action in seven days is regarded symptomatic of chronic constipation. Toxins get accumulated within your intestines while having infrequent bowel movements and that as you grow old the number of bowel movement increases. It is equally assumed that by only eating right, doing exercise and having plenty of fluids to drink, you will never suffer chronic constipation.

The facts disapprove all these mythical claims. According to medical facts, less than half percent of people will experience one bowel movement a day. Almost all adults have averagely between 3-21 bowel movements a week which is considered normal. There is no evidence to support the fact that toxins accumulate with infrequent bowel movement. Constipation equally doesn’t cause cancer. Furthermore, as you grow old the number of bowel movement decrease. Chronic constipation is caused by several things including psychological issues. It also seems to co-exist with conditions such as depression. Other medical conditions equally are causative agents of this acute problem.

What really are the causes?


In simplicity, chronic constipation will result from constipation itself. But a better explanation is constipation results when excess water is absorbed by the colon and hence the subsequent dry and hard stool. After administering the necessary medication and constipation persists, contact your doctor because you are chronically constipated. The causes of constipation include lack of fiber diets, lack of exercise, certain medical conditions, not enough fluids in the food among other things. Abnormal hormonal response may also result in chronic constipation condition.



Medical research and current treatments on chronic constipation have proved to be effective. With development of drugs which directly act on the colon, thus enabling healthy bowel movements, one can be rest assured that the condition will not last long. Also maintaining a proper diet and taking fluids will help. Respond whenever you have the urge to visit the rest room. Follow your doctor’s prescription to the latter.


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In conclusion, do not be deceived by the myths and illogical beliefs of people. Chronic constipation is a normal condition which affects anyone. There are treatments and specialists to help you got deal with this recurring problem life. Modern medication has proven to be more than effective , however, you still he need to contact your doctor should the symptoms persist  beyond the expected period.