Car seat heaters are great accessories, especially if you live in a cold climate and you have to drive, each morning, your freezing car. You’re probably familiar with the scenario: you wake up in a cold winter morning, you get in the car and you drive to your workplace. It’s freezing inside the car and it will be freezing for a while, because the car heating starts working only after the engine is warm enough. When it’s 10 degrees Fahrenheit outside, you’ll probably have to drive for 10 miles before the interior of the car to start warming up. And it will be another 10 miles to reach to a comfortable temperature. Car seat heaters save you from all that trouble. They start warming your body from the moment when you get inside the car and you’ll be able to drive comfortably from all the way.

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Portable car seat heaters are pads that you simply put on your chair and are alimented with energy form the battery of the car, with the help of a wire you plug into a dashboard’s jack. Such accessories are very easy to use and to install inside your car. All you have to do is lay one in your seat and put the alimentation cable in the right position. They are also very safe – they don’t overheat and they can’t hurt you in any way. 12 volt car seat heaters can be used without any problems even during long drives. They also feature an easy to use remote control, allowing you to set the temperature with a single move, without taking your eyes from the road. Generally, such pads offer you multiple options – you can heat the seat only in your back area or you can heat the entire surface of the seat, up to your legs.

Car Seat Heaters With Air Flow

If you need to heat not only one seat, but to provide comfort for all the people travelling insidWagan 12 Volt Velour Car Seat HeaterCredit: Amazon.come the car, you should search for portable, 12 volt car seat heaters with hot air. They basically work as a fan, providing a hot air current inside the car. Such heaters are small and compact and you can install them easily in any type of car. All you have to do is plug them into the dashboard’s jack. They offer instant warmth and you even have the possibility to direct the airflow in one area or another. The on/off switch and the speed dial allow you to adjust the temperature from your can in a matter of seconds. You don’t have to drive with your hands and feet frozen. Not only that’s uncomfortable, but it’s quite dangerous also. If you hands and feet are very cold, you don’t have perfect control on them and it will be pretty hard on you when you have to do a quick maneuver. The car seat heaters available now help you avoid all that discomfort and dangers.

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How Do Car Seat Heaters Work?

There are several types of car seat heaters. You can opt for ones that are built in the caSet Of 2 Universal Car Seat HeatersCredit: Amazon.comr seats. They are either mounted from fabrication, by the car manufacturers or you can add them yourself, if you are not satisfied with the interior temperature from your car. A much simpler solution is to get a heated pad for your seat. The downside of this solution is when several members of your family share one car, and all of them need some extra warmth. It’s very hard, if not impossible, to hook up all the alimentation cables from several heating pads inside one car. The solution, in such a situation, is an airflow heater, which provides comfort and extra warmth for all the passengers from the car.

When it comes to car seat heaters safety issues, you need to be very careful about the temperature limit of your device. It’s better to get a heater that only reaches temperatures of 100 or a little above 100 degrees, to avoid any accident risks. If you get inside your car after you’ve been outside, for hours, during a very cold day, your entire body will be numbed because of the low temperature, so you might not feel that your heater heats a little too much. During time, there were consumers who reported burns from car seat heaters. To avoid that, make sure you get one with a temperature limitation.