What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Chronic fatigue syndrome  is a complicated but widespread condition whereby the sufferers always feel exhausted for no particular reason. People with chronic fatigue syndrome will still feel extremely tired although they are already taking a rest. Chronic fatigue syndrome usually develops in people who are aged around 20 to mid forties. In most cases, women are more likely to suffer from this condition than men.

What is the cause?

Chronic fatigue syndrome is an extremely complex medical condition that can cause a lot of psychological pain for the sufferers and their families. The real cause of this condition is still unknown although doctors and medical professionals throughout the world have a number of theories about it.  Doctors suggest that it is a combination of factors such as viral infections and physiological stress which cause the onset of this devastating condition. Research is being conducted daily on this condition and breakthroughs are happening continuously.

The Symptoms

It is crucial when attempting to understand the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome that you can identify the differing symptoms. It is obvious that fatigue is the main symptom, however it should be noted that the fatigue characterized by this syndrome is the type that does not have any root cause: it is the fatigue that occurs from not doing any activity that is tiring.

Other symptoms are unexplained memory loss and lack of concentration, mainly stemmed from the fatigue. Additionally the swelling of the lymph nodes in the neck and a sore throat (without any flu-like symptoms) are common characteristics. Muscle pain is another official symptom as is joint pain that moves all over the body, from one joint to another without any set pattern.

Understanding The Treatments

There are treatments for this condition both medical and holistic. So far the feedback from sufferers of this condition is positive. The most common treatment comes in the form of anti-depressants, since most sufferers have some form of depression. The majority of those suffering with chronic fatigue syndrome do have trouble sleeping, therefore if measures such as keeping away from caffeine does not help then sleeping pills help relieve some of the stress of this condition.
Other forms of therapy can include counseling and exercise. The form of exercise is crucial and is different from patient to patient; therefore a professional will need to determine what kind of exercise is right for a particular patient, without feeling extremely fatigued after. Lifestyle changes which are recommended range from reducing all forms of stress, as this will avoid psychological distress. Another recommended treatment is trying a number of measures to relax.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is an extremely serious and complicated condition. All sufferers need to understand that even though there is still so much more to discover, there are many ways to make their life bearable. If you frequently feel extremely exhausted without any particular reasons, it is important that you visit a health professional as there could be a number of different health problems behind it.