These days wearing flip-flop socks for women are a popular fashion accessory with a pair of flip-flops. Men, women and children all across the world wear flip-flop sandals. It is fairly cheap to buy with an array of colors to choose from and is extremely comfortable. The only drawback is that it cannot be worn all year round. But now that you can wear them year round by using flip-flop socks for women.

What exactly are flip-flop socks for women? Flip-flop socks for women fit so that each toe has an individual case, kind of like a glove. Other names for flip-flop socks for women are toe socks or finger socks. The socks were popular in the United States of America around the seventies. However, this fashion accessory made a return in the nineties. Initially these flip-flop socks for women were thigh high or striped and worn with flip-flops as fashion statement. By the year 2004 the socks became available in different colors and were part of normal everyday foot wear. Soon after the socks for both men and women were available, although the flip-flops socks for women was a better seller. In addition the socks are available at different lengths, such as a “secret sock”, or anklets or knee-high or one that went over the knee. As a safety measure a rubberized sole  on the underside of the sock became popular. Many consumers were happy with their flip-flop socks for women purchase, as it served its purpose in the cold and was especially beneficial during yoga exercises.

Flip flop socks for women come in three distinct styles. The first one is especially for flip-flops. It looks like a mitten except that it is for the foot. . The second style is the same concept as with a glove. Each toe has an encasements. The fashion and trend on these are wide and unlimited. You can either choose from different colors or some of that have patterns too. The latest or third style is one in which the toes are open. In other words the you see exposed toes and the only part of the foot not covered by a pair of socks.

Did you know that flip-flop socks are popular in the East as well? In India men and women opt to wear thong sandals each day and wear them with flip-flop socks. In Japan flip-flop socks for women is an essential accessory for wear with the kimono. In fact Japanese men wear them too, but they favor the style where the big toe separates from the rest and prefer them as the anklets style. However,there are not many styles and colors as the result of tradition.

Now that you know all about flip-flop socks for women go ahead and get several pairs. Wear with a pair of flip-flops or any regular shoe or just walk around your house with them on, they are most definitely comfortable. Remember also they come in many colors and with patterns and even ones with a famous cartoon character. The choice is endless.