Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaners

The wet dry vacuum cleaner is not only for workshops. Year after year, the technological innovation has improved greatly, reducing the loud annoying sounds that the vacuums were so well-known for. When you go shopping for a wet dry vacuum with both wet and dry capabilities, you will need to take into account some details. The vacuum cleaners can be found in various sizes and horse power, which range from 6 to 22 gallons and 1.5 to 10.5 HP. The power of the wet dry vacuum cleaner need to suit your needs in the following ways:

1. Wall mount vacuums with 1.5 HP and one gallon container can be used for fast and simple cleaning jobs, like spills and stains. You could also fix this kind to the wall too, to stay away from your way.

2. The 6 gallon vacuums are perfect for small jobs and are simple to operate and store than a bigger type. Don't forget, that the small wet dry vacuum cleaners are a lot noisier and also more likely to tip over. The smaller the container, the more often you'll have to stop and empty it.

3. High capacity types are highly recommended if you've a workshop or storage area where bigger spills take place. A massive tank would reduce the number of times you need to empty the tank.

When you are searching for the most effective wet dry vacuum, you should consider the following features and options:

- The pleated cartridge filter. It can be used more than one time, and offers more filtration area than the flat filter and it does not need to be detached when you switch from the dry to wet vacuum function.

- An automatic turn off device can be found in the most recent vacuums. This device would turn off the motor instantly once the container has become full of water, which in turn would protect against overflowing.

- A wide-set of wheels would help stop the vacuum cleaner from tipping over.

- There are some bigger models that could be converted to a leaf blower, which could be excellent if you've plenty of trees in your backyard.

- Several wet dry types have a built-in pump connection too. This kind of connection would enable the water to be pumped through a hose that is attached to the vacuum cleaner.

- A convenient drain valve or sprout would help make emptying the vacuum a breeze. If it does not include this feature, you will need to take away the cover and tip the vacuum aside to empty all the water. Based on the amount of water you've in the container, you can accidentally spill it on the ground. The smaller kinds of wet dry vacuum cleaners normally do not include a spout or drain option.

- Larger hoses and floor nozzles are wonderful to have too. The wider the hose and nozzle are, the less likely the vacuum will be blocked.

If they are not included in the vacuum you chose, you could also buy the following accessories:

1. Crevice tool - this helpful instrument can very easily enter small corners.
2. Extension wand - this can make the hose pipe longer for difficult to reach regions.
3. Hose couplings - this would join the extension wand to the hose.
4. Cleaning kit - this kit includes all you need to clean delicate furniture and other regions too.