Your connections could be different from one another, but one thing is for sure: they are all valuable and useful. I know that the approach in this article will be a very mathematical and down to earth one - and I want to warn you to take into consideration that this is clearly just a part of the whole picture because each person is unique and valuable beyond petty calculations. It is only that sometimes we need them to start from somewhere.

The thing is that you cannot set an exact value on your connections - even not a good estimation sometimes as you never really know what's behind. What you can only do is to make a rough approximation of their worth based on some of the following criteria:

1. Your connections help you save time in such a way that you are able to accomplish an undertaking without spending plenty of time on it, or the time that your connections are willing to allot for you.

2. Your connections help you establish your reputation as a person who is worth checking out.

3. Your connections have their personal connections, meaning they have the power to talk them into knowing you and your business.

4. Your connections have, of course, the expertise which can help you get a hold of your targets easily.

5. Your connections have money which may help you bring in profits in the future.

You cannot easily make a comparison in terms of your connections' worth due to the approaches mentioned above. There are times when various connections are more helpful at various instances. For instance, a connection who did not help you save time has shared a very helpful knowledge instead.

Despite the differences, you have to keep in mind that all connections are extremely beneficial. You can actually never tell as to when each of them is going to be able to contribute something for the success of your business. Make connections as plenty as possible so you get to access the biggest amount of knowledge as well as the largest figure of 2nd degree connections.

To summarize, all connections are willing to give you their time in order to assist you in meeting your goals. They help you widen your scope of reputation even more. In addition, they can refer you to their own connections and share their own expertise with you. Skills are very important, and since they have individual knowledge, you will have the chance to obtain all of them, thus expanding your own skills. And lastly, there is a possibility that your connections may spend their money on the services and/or products that you offer helping you increase your residual earnings.