Smart liposuction is an advanced liposuction technique whereby the surgeon uses a carefully calibrated laser to emulsify and liquefy excess fat through the top layers of the skin. It is used to remove excess fatty deposits that can accumulate in certain areas of the body and which can cause an unattractive layer of fat to form. Indeed the most common areas for liposuction to take place are areas of fat such as the stomach and abdominal region, around the waist (love handles), chest (breast and man boobs) and the neck and chin area (double chin).

Indeed smart liposuction is most effective in those areas of the body in which the localised fat is stubborn and difficult to remove via exercise and dieting alone. If you have love handles for instance, you will have most probably attempted to remove them by spending hours in the gym doing abdominal exercises and by possible strict fat loss diet regimes. You may have even tried to hide them through wearing baggy large clothing. While these natural means are effective for some people, for many they are not and the fat will not shift no matter what you seem to do. It is for these people that liposuction surgery should be seriously considered as an option. You should have at least tried to lose the fat via exercise and nutrition first but if the problem areas are still causing distress even after all your efforts then smart liposuction can be the solution.

Many people find that they are really feel embarrassed and distressed by the layers of fat that refuse to go away. It is well known that appearance and confidence are strongly interlinked and if you do not feel comfortable about your own appearance you will struggle to maintain your self-esteem. For men having a layer of fat under the chest is a particularly embarrassing condition. These 'man boobs' can cause you to feel ashamed and emasculated when in fact they are quite common. If you have tried to do many sets of bench press or another chest exercise and they still refuse to go away well it should come as a comfort to know that smart liposuction can remove the fat below the chest safely. Following the procedure you will feel increasingly confidence again about your appearance.

For women having a large stomach, waist or legs can equally cause distress and embarrassment. You may feel ugly and fat when actually it is an easily treatable problem. However, Liposuction patients should have realistic expectations of the surgery. You should understand that it is not weight loss surgery (although you will experience some weight loss) and that it shouldn't be an alternative to natural weight loss through a healthy lifestyle. Smart liposuction is a relatively harmless procedure for healthy people but individuals with underlying medical conditions should be wary for their health. The treatment is not as harsh as traditional liposuction techniques but as it is a cosmetic surgery complications can occur so you should always prepare fully beforehand.

Smart liposuction costs

Smart liposuction costs can vary depending on the fatty area treated, the location and surgeon used, and how much fat is going to be removed. Because the procedure uses a laser it is most effective on smaller targeted areas of the body. This means that you may have to combine the surgery with another type of liposuction if a larger amount of fat is to be removed which can increase the costs involved. If you want the best treatment available then it will generally cost you more. A more qualified and experienced surgeon will charge more for their services. However you should not compromise quality just to reduce the smart liposuction costs.