St Laurent Montreal

St Laurent is a district (called a "borough") in the city of Montreal, Quebec. With a population of 85,000, St Laurent is a key area in Montreal. Interestingly, St Laurent was formerly its own city, founded in 1720. It is located on the North-Central portion of the island of Montreal. Within St Laurent are two CEGEPS, one English and one French. On the campus of the French CEGEP is a well known art museum, Saint Laurent Museum of Art. The borough is ethnically mixed, with the population comprised of French, Jewish, Romanian, South-Asian, East-Asian, Arab, Italian, Greek, and English communities. Remarkably, over 166 ethnicities live peacefully within St Laurent. St Laurent is one of Canada's most diverse populations. Locals will tell you that you have to try the pizza at Coronet Pizza. Decarie Hot Dog, on the busy Decarie Blvd, is also noted for great hot dogs.

There are 3 firehouses and 2 police stations within the borough. The former city hall of St Laurent is now a library. There is also a municipal courthouse and a couple of indoor hockey rinks. Norgate Shopping Center, operational since 1949, is the first and oldest shopping centre in Canada.

There is much to see and do in St Laurent Montreal. The borough publishes a culture guide, Cultural Season, each June. The recreational guide, l'Agenda, is made available twice each year, April and August.

The housing in St Laurent, like the people, is diverse. The old and new neighborhoods offer prestigious apartments or typical houses. St Laurent can meet all needs for families and individuals alike. The communities, being on the outskirts of Downtown Montreal, are safe, peaceful and relaxing. Nearby and within residential districts are many amenties, including swimming pools, water parks, fountains, tennis courts, dog parks, golf and even camping facilities. Be sure to visit the Parc Marcel-Laurin Woodland, a conservation area in St Laurent. At the Woodland is a 1600m walking trail. The Bois-de-Liesse Nature Park is similar and also worth checking out.

St Laurent is very green. The borough has an aggressive recycling campaign and residents are expected to do their part.

St Laurent Montreal has many notable residents, including Ray Borque, the legendary NHL player. Ray Borque learned his hockey skills at one of Saint Laurent's indoor rinks, now named the Ray Borque Arena. And no, Borque did not play for the Montreal Canadians ("Les Habs"), but their nemesis, the Boston Bruins.

For borough council, St Laurent Montreal is seperated into two districts: Norman-McLaren and Côte-de-Liesse. Norman McLaren started the animation department within the National Film Board of Canada, which is headquartered in St Laurent Montreal.

The economy of St Laurent is Montreal's second largest, behind downtown Montreal. Montreal's airport, the Pierre Elliot Trudeu Airport, is located in St Laurent. Air Canada has also had its headquarters in St Laurent since 1990.

For transportation, many commuters take the bus, metro, train or the major roadways.

St Laurent residents are proud of their borough, and many consider themselves seperate from Montreal. In 2002, the vibrant and diversified neighborhood was merged into Montreal by the Quebec government. Since then, a referendum to demerge failed due to a lack of turnout.

If you're a St Laurent resident, consider having a staycation! It's such a wonderful place.

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