Creams, lotions, butters - all these different types of moisturiser on the shelves, surely they all do the same job. Well, sort of, but it is really important to make sure you get the right one to moisturise your skin or you could find yourself either ending up with slimy, greasy skin or dry, flaky skin.

There is a fundamental difference between lotions and creams and body butters, and this is the base ingredients of them. Lotions and creams tend to be more water based, giving them a lighter, thinner consistency, body butters are based on oils which make them a much heavier, thicker consistency. Because they are thinner, lotions and creams will normally come in bottles or tubes as they can be squeezed out easily. Body butters come in tubs or pots as they need to be scooped out as they are thicker. Normally body butters only need to be used on really dry skin, or maybe as a treat for your skin every so often. Using body butter in the summer months is probably not necessary, as you will find yourself melting in the heat and getting sticky and generally uncomfortable. However, in the winter your skin does need extra moisture and protection from the cold outside and the central heating indoors which play havoc with your skins moisture levels.

Choosing a body butter is always fun as there is such a wonderful range. Thanks to the lovely oils that can be used as the base and the ingredients that are added, some of them sound and smell good enough to eat. There are many shops that stock body butters such as Lush and The Body Shop, and you will find pots of butters such as Shea Butter, Coconut, Olive Oil, Macadamia Nut, Mango, Hemp - the list is endless and it can be so difficult to choose. Of course there is nothing wrong with having more than one body butter in your bathroom if you can't choose between them! Now I am all for researching cheaper brands when it comes to skincare cream, as I have found some wonderful products at the budget end of ranges, but so far I haven't found a cheap body butter that really does it for me. I'm not yet convinced that buying a cheap body butter is a worthwhile investment, the ingredients needed to make a good, thick body butter are expensive, so it is one skincare product I don't penny pinch on.

When you have picked your flavour of body butter, or seem to be walking out of the shop with 3 different ones because you couldn't choose just the one - and if this is the case, online shopping is the way to go when you finally run out, that way you can't be tempted by all the amazing smells - then it is time to find out the best way to use your body butter, as while there isn't a right and wrong way as such, there are good ways and better ways to get the most out of your body butter. It is much easier to apply on damp skin, so when you get out of the bath or shower, just run your hands over yourself to get the excess water off, then you can slap on your body butter with ease, this way it can work with the moisture that is already on your skin, trapping it in and adding the moisturising effect, it also makes the tub last longer as you don't have to use quite as much as you would on dry skin.

It is worth pointing out that applying body butter after a lovely long hot bath may seem like a good idea, but if you are too hot, slapping on a thick butter is just going to make you feel sticky and gooey and horrible, so it is best avoided until you have either cooled down, or use only when your bath isn't hot enough to cook a lobster (we all know red hot baths are bad for our skin, but they are so good we have them anyway). Using body butter on your face isn't a great idea either as it will be too heavy and might clog your pores and in turn give you spots.