All in one printers (AIO) are also called multifunctional printers or multifunctional device as they offer you multiple choices in a single machine. All in one printers will let you photocopy, scan, and fax. They are mainly utilized in offices in which setting up pieces of equipment for various tasks is not possible.

This type of machine essentially has photocopier, email, fax, printer, and scanner. The manufacturers of AIO during the early days split the copiers in different clusters based on the speed of printing as well as the duty cycle.

All in One Printers - the Current Trend

However, the companies decided to put an end to distinguishing these copiers based on the speed of printing, strength, and a lot of other imminent features. Manufacturers of copiers these days are already concentrating on AIO or all in one printers. Large offices have embraced all in one printers based on the laser equipment because it guarantees to offer the venturing demands of more than owning a mere piece of printing machine.

The prices of all in one printers range from $60 to over a thousand dollars. It may be a little shocking to you, but believe it or not, all in one  Samsung printers or any other brand's ones are extremely cost effective. Just imagine how much it will cost you when you purchase a fax, scanner, and printing machine individually. When the price is combined, it will be more expensive than when you buy all in one printers like the all in one Samsung printers.

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Such pieces of equipment became very popular ever since, and to ensure that the needs of every user are met, the manufacturers constantly add fresh and innovative features. The "all in one" concept is more and more searched and these printers are similar to personal computers in such a way that they come with various processor speeds and buffer sizes (i.e. 32MB and a speed of 512MHZ at the most). In addition, they have a unique storage space in flash drives or hard disk. More often than not, these printing machines come with a universal purpose OS (operating system), particularly Linux/GNU or VxWorks for the larger ones.

For the user to be able to experience superior interactivity, all in one printers are frequently designed with an LCD touch screen. They have an incredible 9600x2400 dpi resolution, thus users are able to obtain high quality, sharp, and crisp documents. Another wonderful feature of some of these printing machines is a photo slideshow wherein users can take a look at their earlier memories.

These wonderful pieces of equipment are extremely easy to use. The manufacturers have made sure that there is lack of complaint from every user and that they can be brought into operation without difficulty, particularly in the installation period. All in one printers are very handy and generate practically the same results in all operating systems. Even the wireless copiers these days are obtainable that significantly lessens the utilization of cable wires. Simply put, these devices can be considered as an excellent advancement in the printing industry.

The all in one printers available in the market today are powerfully designed, multifunctional units that are very economical and perfect for every user. While there are a lot of sizes, kinds, and styles to choose from that will be suitable for small businesses and homes, all manufacturers made it feasible to have so many options with a huge variety of functions and prices. They are available in inkjet and  as monochrome laser printer models, with the former as being the commonly utilized all in one printers in majority of households because it is more cost effective as well as its ability to print color images and high quality photos at a cheaper rate as compared to the color laser models.